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How to pick stocks

There is a long list of stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds to pick for trading and investing. Understanding how to pick stocks is absolutely imperative to any trader or investor’s success. We have put together an easy, complete, and step-by-step guide for you to grasp how to pick stocks. 

  • Stock picking is part of the investor’s and trader’s success.
  • Proper stock picking requires many important steps and tools

4 initial steps to stock picking 

There is no absolute approach to stock picking and it depends on a few factors like trader’s objectives, capital, time, and attitude to risk. Before advancing to more advanced areas, we want to share the foundations of how to pick stocks. On the very initial stage, you can follow the following 4 initial steps to stock picking. Those three steps will help you to lay a solid foundation for your stock trading

  1. Homework and understanding the nature of the stock trading: Do your homework, thoroughly research, and try to understand the nature of the game. Begin with fundamental and technical analysis to determine the stock’s value. Then proceed towards the prospects of the business. Here you need to determine whether that business suits your objectives and strategies. 
  2. Quantitative and qualitative stock analysis: Always try to build your portfolio through an amalgam of quantitative and qualitative stock analysis. That will help you to reach a suitable trading approach.
  3. Avoid emotions: Keep emotions at bay while trading. Always keep your emotions under control and do not make hasty buying or selling decisions. 
  4. Risk management: Risk management in stock trading and investing is as crucial as breathing. Always try to manage your risk by diversifying your portfolio. 

How to build your portfolio through the right stock-picking decisions? 

Building your portfolio is the key to successful long-term trading and investing. You need to manage your portfolio actively to be a successful stock trader and grow your money. Moreover, it is important to note that consistency is the key to successful trading. No matter where you invest, always maintain consistency and regularly contribute and tweak your trading strategy when necessary. You also need to understand how this stock works before investing in it. It is important to remain engaged in managing a portfolio. It will ensure your success over a longer period of time. 

 The following are the top stock market investment choices that you need to consider.

Index funds

Always consider index funds as your first choice when picking stocks. These are the best first investments because they permit you to get market exposure easily. Index funds make the stock trading game easy because you do not need to buy all the stocks included in the index. Moreover, index funds also offer various advantages such as: 

  1. Easy to buy
  2. Low management fees
  3. Less volatile returns
  4. Offer diversification 

Substantially decrease risk because you own a variety of assets

Individual stocks

After laying foundations of your portfolio through index funds, it’s time to venture forward. Investing in individual stocks is the best route to advance in your trading expedition. Familiarize yourself with a variety of available stocks and pick those stocks that suit your trading strategy. However, the key here is to get all the information about the company you want to invest in. 

Options and futures

After establishing a diversified portfolio through index funds and individual stocks, it’s time to move further forward. You can’t stop yourself here if you want to grow as a trader. Options and futures are the best for an advanced tactical investment approach. Options offer a lot because you need fewer investment requirements. They also provide flexibility as far as duration and downside risks are concerned. Futures are also up there if you prefer to express a speculative look on the market. They also offer the same advantages as options do. They have fewer investment requirements and also offer flexibility in investment duration and downside risk. 

How to pick stocks using fundamental and technical analysis 

Fundamental and technical analysis is very crucial during stock picking. Fundamental analysis helps to discern the intrinsic value of a stock. On the other hand, technical analysis helps to determine the future movements of the market. There are various factors that you need to consider during fundamental and technical analysis. 

Fundamental analysis during stock picking 

The fundamental analysis gives a reasonable estimate of the intrinsic value of a stock. You need to consider both qualitative and quantitative factors to conduct a thorough fundamental analysis. Qualitative factors are:

  • News regarding the company you want to invest in is crucial and can make prices rise or fall. Good and bad news affect supply and demand and finally stock prices.
  • Personnel and management changes are equally important as they affect the perception of the market. Such changes directly affect the reputation of a company and ultimately stock prices.
  • Economic and financial events are also crucial as they may cause higher volatility and market uncertainty.

Quantitative factors include:

  • Earning reports are important as a quantitative factor during fundamental analysis. Traders should track earning reports and releases to keep an eye on changes in the company’s earnings. It is crucial to note whether the stock price reflects the new earning level or not. If it doesn’t, that means the stock price doesn’t reflect true value.
  • Balance sheets reflect earning potential of a company and are a good source to judge a company. 
  • Dividends and other important ratios are also very helpful to analyze a company and its earning potential. P/E ratio, D/E ratio, ROE, current ratio, earnings yield, relative dividend yield, and price-earnings to growth (PEG) ratio are important figures to look at.

Technical analysis during stock picking 

The technical analysis captures a totally different picture of a company and demands a focus on price data and movements. You need to observe market trends and patterns to predict the market’s future movements. You may use the following technical indicators to conduct technical analysis. 

How to pick stocks after identifying overvalued and undervalued stocks?

Fundamental and technical analysis are the best ways to identify overvalued and undervalued stocks. It is absolutely imperative because changes in market conditions cause stocks to be overvalued and undervalued. Such stocks do not reflect true value. Therefore, you should look for stocks priced below or above their true market value. It is also crucial to gain profit as we know that prices will be correct soon to reflect true value. So, you can take advantage of such situations to gain profit. You may consider going long and short on undervalued and overvalued stocks respectively. 

Final thoughts 

Understanding how to pick stocks is the key to successful stock trading. First of all, do your homework and then proceed. You need to understand that a proper trading strategy and knowledge of the stock market are prerequisites to successful trading. Secondly, use fundamental and technical analysis while picking stocks. A thorough analysis will make your way easy to pick stocks that are aligned with your trading plan and your objectives. Finally, you also need to identify overvalued and undervalued stocks. In short, stock picking is not less than the foundations of your stock trading premise. Lay the strongest possible foundations and make your premise rock solid. 

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