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We extensively scan markets for every pattern you could look for, so we know what works and what doesn’t for every market and every timeframe.

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Everybody tells you “Candlestick patterns” work? Same with “Cup & Handle”, “Head & Shoulders” or “XABCD pattern“?
But do you know how often they really work?
Do they work for every market?
Every timeframe?

At PatternsWizard we only believe what we see and measure (like a volume profile indicator), that’s why we built the biggest database of every pattern ever printed on every market and timeframe so we can know what reliably is profitable and what is doomed to fail.
Get aggregate statistics so you can grasp actionnable and profitable insights quickly, or deep dive into every occurence for a given pattern to make sure we did it right. We give you both. We believe being transparent is key for you to be confident in our analysis and your trading before using a paper trading app.

Get real-time notifications when your setups appear

Get real-time notification when the setups you track starts to manifest in any of the markets you are interested in.
PatternsWizard AI helps you systematize your trading without giving up your understanding of your trading edge. PatternsWizard sends you signals for your trading setups so you can make sure to trade in an unbiased systematic way. Remove emotions from the equation so you can be sure to let your edge play its odds.

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