TradingView Alternative – What Other Charting Tool Can You Pick?


Are you looking for a top-class TradingView alternative to use as your trading platform? Then you are not alone in this quest. There are many other traders who want to know about other platforms with similar features. 

TradingView is easily among the best trading platforms out there for traders. It offers traders numerous top-quality features. However, there is nothing in this world without limitations and TradingView isn’t an exception. Limitations like offline mode are unavailable, limited backtesting, etc. and expensive pricing plans make traders look elsewhere. 

Fortunately, there are multiple other valuable platforms. Any of them can be a worthwhile TradingView alternative. However, it is important for you to weigh different options and find the best for yourself. This is a difficult task and therefore, we decided to help you. In this article, we are going to enlist some quality platforms with their distinctive features. Find one for yourself to reach the next level in your trading endeavor. 

The best TradingView alternative

So, what are the best TradingView alternatives? What other charting tools do you have to pick from? Luckily, you have many to choose the best TradingView alternative from. However, all trading platforms are not created equal. Additionally, every trader has particular requirements, and therefore, there is no one-fits-all formula here. That said, you need to carefully assess each platform and pick one that best meets your requirements. 

TradingView alternative – top picks

1. MultiCharts

MultiCharts is a feature-rich platform that offers traders numerous state-of-the-art features. This award-winning platform offers you the following key features. 

  1. Exquisite trading platform for charting, automated trading, multi-broker trading, and much more.
  2. Precision backtesting tool that helps you test, analyze, and optimize your trading strategies with ease.
  3. Tools for all types of traders including day traders, swing traders, long-term traders, and so on.
  4. High-definition charting is one of the most popular MultiCharts features. It empowers you to analyze price charts with perfection and also make the best trading decisions.
  5. Additionally, the platform also offers built-in strategies and multiple indicators. These tools make technical analysis really easy for traders.
  6. Support for EasyLanguage scripts is also among the top-quality features. 
  7. You can also choose a broker of your own choice. It supports five top-class brokers including Edge, Interactive Brokers, and Binance. 

In short, you can build and test your own strategies, use in-built trading strategies, automate your trading, and much more by using this platform. Moreover, it is one of the most economical options. You also have different pricing plans to choose from including 1-month, 3-month, 1-year, and lifetime. So, all these features make MultiCharts a top-notch TradingView alternative. 

2. MetaTrader 5

Perhaps everyone in the world of trading knows about MetaTrader 5. It is one of the most feature-rich and exquisite trading platforms. MetaTrader 5 offers the following remarkable features to traders.

  1. Trading robot for modern traders is the most enticing feature. Its MetaTrader Market feature enables you to buy or rent trading bots. Additionally, you can also buy or rent technical indicators on MetaTrader Market. 
  2. Trading Signals is another top-class feature. You can capitalize on this unique feature to get trade signals from successful traders and copy their trades.
  3. MetaTrader also offers highly powerful trading charts. Thus, you can visualize and observe prices in real-time and make informed trading decisions. 
  4. The platform also offers some exquisite tools like 44 analytical objects, Gann, Fibonacci, etc. These tools help you in conducting a perfect technical analysis. 
  5. Financial News and Economic Calendar are also worthwhile features. Thus, you can also conduct fundamental analysis along with technical analysis. 
  6. Alerts feature also helps traders in trading. You can set alerts to get notifications whenever your desired trade is on the cards.
  7. You can also automate your trading with the trade automation feature. Thus, you can relieve yourself of all your worries about missing out on a trade.
  8. Finally, you can also choose from the web, desktop, or mobile trading platforms according to your preferences. 

In short, MetaTrader 5 offers a suite of valuable features. It covers almost every aspect of trading and leads traders to successful trading. Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, automated trading, trading signals, alerts, mobile trading, and so on all make your trading seamless. Therefore, MetaTrader 5 is a worthwhile TradingView alternative. 

3. Robinhood

Robinhood is also among the most popular trading platforms. It is one of the pioneers that introduced zero-commission trading. Yes, that is absolutely true. You can trade on Robinhood without paying a penny as commission. Moreover, the platform also offers some enticing features like;

  1. The platform gives you thousands of stocks to choose from and invest in the stock of your choice. Thus, you have a wide variety of stocks at your disposal to invest in and build your portfolio.
  2. Investing in stock is also made easy by Robinhood as it offers Fractional Share investment. That means you can invest as little as $1 and buy just a fraction of a share.
  3. The platform also offers margins to its clients. Thus, you can maximize your profits by leveraging. However, margin trading is really risky. 
  4. Robinhood also empowers you to invest in different markets through a single platform. Therefore, you can use only Robinhood to invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies. 
  5. It is also among the platforms that offer the best customer support services. 

All these features are exquisite and offer the best value to traders. Robinhood is also one of the best platforms for beginners. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. That said, Robinhood can be your very valuable TradingView alternative. 

4. TrendSpider

TrendSpider also easily books its place among the list of the best TradingView alternatives. Why so? Because it also offers the most sought-after features. TrendSpider trading platform is loaded with features that make your trading as easy as breathing. Let’s have a look at its most promising features;

  1. TrendSpider offers one of the most powerful Scanners and Screener tools in the entire industry. Therefore, finding stocks of your choice isn’t a difficult task while using TrendSpider. You can set parameters of your choice to find your desired stocks within a few minutes.
  2. Advanced Charting tool enables you to visualize and observe prices of financial instruments. Thus, you can make informed real-time decisions. 
  3. Additionally, you can have technical analysis on any chart. This feature helps you speed up your analysis and make early decisions. 
  4. Moreover, state-of-the-art algorithms, data, math, and formulas power TrendSpider technical analysis. Therefore, the feature improves your accuracy and empowers you to avoid costly mistakes. 
  5. TrendSpider is also one of its kind platforms when we look at the variety of markets and assets it covers. You can trade in stocks, forex, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, futures, and commodities.
  6. The platform also offers a powerful mobile application to enable you to trade on the go. 

Furthermore, features like trading bots, backtesting, alerts, insider trading, and much more are also available. In short, you have all top-class features at your disposal on TrendSpider. So, nothing can stop you from gaining success while using TrendSpider. That’s why it can be your best TradingView alternative. 

5. is another top-class TradingView alternative. It also offers a feature-rich platform for traders trading in all types of markets. It is one of the best TradingView alternatives irrespective of which asset classes you trade. offers the following top-notch features for you;

  1. Covers all financial markets and asset classes including stocks, ETFs, bonds, funds, indices, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can choose it without any worries.
  2. The platform also keeps you updated on the latest financial news. You can also keep yourself updated on the latest economic indicators. 
  3. also makes analysis really easy and straightforward for you. You can have access to the latest market overview of all financial markets. 
  4. The platform also offers powerful charts, candlestick charts, moving averages, and several indicators. Thus, you can take your trading skills to the next level using these features. 
  5. Tools like Economic Calendar, Stock Screener, Fibonacci Calculator, etc. are also there. 

Aren’t these enticing features? Yes, they are. These features are enough for seamless trading and growing your capital. Moreover, you can trade in multiple asset classes by using just one platform. That said, the variety and quality of the features make it a class TradingView alternative. 

6. Webull

Webull is another TradingView alternative that needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular trading platforms that have been creating buzz over the past few years. Webull is the only platform that offers 12 free stocks upon opening and funding a new account. 

  1. Webull offers a powerful and highly intuitive platform for smarter trading. Premium tools and real-time quotes empower you to transform your trading. 
  2. You can explore thousands of stocks and use a screener to find the stock that meets your requirements. 
  3. Advanced charting tools and more than 50 technical indicators enable you to analyze assets before trading. Thus, you can make informed trading decisions. 
  4. Webull also makes order placing really easy. You can use price alerts to get notifications on price action and technical conditions. 
  5. The Paper trading feature is another enticing feature, especially for beginners. This feature enables you to practice and test your trading strategies before risking your money. 
  6. Webull also covers a variety of financial instruments including OTC and fractional shares. 

Additionally, features like cryptocurrency wallet also make Webull a worthwhile TradingView alternative. Therefore, if you want convenient trading, this platform is perfect for you. 

TradingView alternative – some other options

There are also some other options for you if you are seeking a TradingView alternative, especially if you are a cryptocurrency trader. 

7. Coinigy

Coinigy is a unique cryptocurrency trading platform as it enables you to integrate with different crypto exchanges. It is one of the most economical options as it charges no additional exchange fees. Features like API & historical data, 75 technical indicators, advanced charting tools, etc. also make Coinigy one of the best TradingView alternative options.

8. Trade Republic

Trade Republic is another exquisite platform that empowers you to keep tabs on your stock and cryptocurrency investments. It keeps your assets in a cold wallet that ensures ultimate security. Moreover, you can trade from anywhere in the world. 

9. Protrader

If you are a day trader and looking for a TradingView alternative, then Protrader is the best option for you. The platform offers the best features for scalpers and day traders. Moreover, you can trade on all major markets including stocks, forex, options, etc. on Protrader. Additionally, you can run the platform on any of your favorite devices. 

The wrap-up

TradingView is among the best trading platforms for traders. It offers a wide variety of features for traders of all types. However, there are also a few limitations that make people look for TradingView alternatives. Luckily, there are multiple options that traders can look up to. All trading platforms listed above offer remarkable features. However, features are not the same on those trading platforms. Therefore, it is imperative to go through all the platforms and pick one that best serves your needs. Always remember, it is a matter of your hard earned money plus your future. That said, act diligently and pick a TradingView alternative with tools that answer your specific trading needs.

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