Complete Overview of Tradervue Trading Journal [Tradervue Review]


Tradervue Review

The importance of keeping a trading journal cannot be underestimated. However, choosing the right trading journal solution makes your trading journal-keeping practice even more fruitful and sensational. Keep reading to have an in-depth Tradervue review.

If you are considering Tradervue as your trading journal solution, we assume you already understand the importance of a quality trading journal. In our Tradervue review, we will thoroughly review Tradervue Trading Journal. Thus, in the next few lines of our Tradervue review, you will know how to capitalize on one of the leading solutions. However, before we start our Tradervue review, we consider it necessary to briefly describe the importance of keeping a trading journal. 

The importance of keeping a trading journal

Keeping a trading journal is one of the smartest ways to gain confidence and enhance your trading performance. As we all know that trading is a risky business and it requires a lot of practice as well as a high level of planning. Moreover, to achieve ultimate success, traders need to go through a deep learning curve. And, the best tool for this purpose is a trading journal. It helps traders optimize their trading strategies and also guides them to consistently profitable trading. Therefore, if you aspire to be a successful trader with consistent trading performance, a trading journal can steer you faster towards realizing your dreams. 

Tradervue Review – Summary

Tradervue Trading Journal is not a typical trading journal solution as it is also your social media platform. Hence, it allows you not only to track your trading performance but also share it with other users. Additionally, you can also analyze your trading performance to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Furthermore, Tradervue Trading Journal automatically imports your trades directly from the broker. Thus, it also allows you to properly keep track of your trading background. It also organizes your trading history in a useful format. That’s why it also empowers you to browse through your history whenever you want. In short, Tradervue Trading Journal is one of the most exquisite trading journals to up your trading game. 

Detailed Tradervue Review

After familiarizing you with the Tradervue Trading Journal, let’s deep dive to find out what the platform brings for you.

Tradervue Trading Journal – Key features

Here comes the most important part of our Tradervue review, the key features of the Tradervue Trading Journal. The platform offers key features in three ways – journaling, analyzing, and sharing. Let’s take a look at each one of them to understand how you can take advantage of each of them. 

Journal Features 

Tradervue is one of the most powerful and effective tools to keep your journal. It brings numerous benefits to help you keep your journal in the best possible way. 

1. Auto-Import

Auto-Import feature enables you to import your trades directly from your broker or trading platform. You can import all your trades at once. You can also manually enter trades if Tradervue doesn’t support your broker. Additionally, you can import your data from Excel or a text file as well. Isn’t it as easy as pie?

2. Automatic Price Charts

Automatic Price Charts are another brilliant feature. Multiple time frame charts, from weekly down to 1-minute, are there for your review when you record or import trades in your journal. Furthermore, it even marks your buy/sell points on the charts, even for trades you had years ago.

3. Trade Notes plus Daily Notes

The Trade Notes feature allows you to make notes about your trades and review them whenever you want. Besides, you have the option to make notes whenever you prefer and as many notes as you want. Additionally, you can also make daily notes even for days you didn’t make a single trade. The Daily Notes feature also conveniently groups trades and their notes by day.

4. Tagging

You can also tag your trades with tags of your choice. Later, you will be able to search trades using these tags to find trades you are looking for. Thus, you can analyze trades at a glance and see how a particular strategy is working for you.

5. Filtering

The Filtering feature is another useful feature by Tradervue. It enables you to filter trades you want to look at by using filters like tag, symbol, date range, duration, or side. Once you set up filters of your choice, you can find and have a look at trades, journals, or reports based on those filters.

6. Dashboard

The Tradervue Dashboard provides a summary of the day and a recap of the performance of the last week. Furthermore, you can also see activity on your shared trades and even pointers to trades shared by others on the same asset you were trading.

7. Coaching/Mentoring

Another staggering feature by Tradervue is Coaching/Mentoring. It allows you to give your coach or mentor access to your trading data. Additionally, you can also see comments by and converse with your coach or mentor. 

8. Chart Studies

Chart Studies feature helps you enhance your knowledge by chart studies of the same charts you use. You can also add comparison charts with a sector, index, or another security. 

9. Running P&L Charts

Running P&L Charts is yet another extremely handy feature by Tradervue Trading Journal. You can use it to see the profit and loss of your trade over time. Additionally, you can see your running combined profit and loss of intraday trades for the whole trading day. 

10. Multi-Currency

If you are trading in another currency and want to calculate P&L data and statistics in the base currency, then Tradervue provides a perfect feature. It will calculate P&L data and statistics in both currencies, native and the base currency, for aggregate reporting with other trades.

11. Commissions and Fees

Last but not the least, you can also track commissions and fees. Besides, you can also switch reports to use gross or net calculations.

Analysis Features 

Tradervue also offers numerous top-notch features that help you in analyzing your trading performance.

1. Overview Reports

You can see your recent trading performance, as well as find results by year, by month, or by day, at a glance. Additionally, you can spot recent trends using daily and cumulative P&L, volume, and win %.

2. Detailed Reports and Statistics

You can also deeply analyze your performance to understand your trading. Tradervue’s analysis feature empowers you to calculate results based on any metric of your choice including symbol, price, and volume.

3. Comparison Reports

If you want to dig deeper, you can also compare reports of any two sets of reports such as winning days v losing days.

4. Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports enable you to take your analysis to the next level. You can choose measures of your choice and plot them on each axis. 

5. Other Features

There are several other features that also help you in conducting advanced-level analysis. For example, you can tag reports and also analyze your performance in terms of risk.

Sharing Features 

Sharing features by Tradervue enable you to help others learn from you by sharing your trades. Key sharing features are;

1. Share Trades

You can share your trades with the community and explain why you entered those trades, your plans, and whatever you want to share. Thus, you can help others learn from your experiences.

2. Find Others

Additionally, if someone else shares trades in an instrument that you were trading, you will discover it right on your dashboard. Thus, you can compare notes and learn from mothers as well.

3. Privacy

Tradervue doesn’t compromise your sensitive data. It is you who choose which trades to share. Moreover, sensitive data like P&L and volume are excluded from the trades you share. Thus, you can share everything that others can use to learn and prevent sharing personal information. On the other hand, you also have the option to share P&L and volume if you consider it necessary to share.

Pricing Plans

Tradervue offers three plans for traders – Free, Silver, and Gold.

  • Free – Free plan allows you to record up to 100 trades per month. You can also have access to basic journaling, reporting, and sharing features. 
  • Silver – Silver plan costs you $29 per month. You can record unlimited trades per month. Moreover, you can also access enhanced journaling, advanced reporting, and sharing features. 
  • Gold – Gold plan costs $49 per month. Besides enjoying all the features of the Silver plan, you can also have access to risk analysis features as well.

Tradervue Pros & Cons


  • One of the most easy-to-use journaling platform
  • A quality trading social media platform
  • Advanced analysis features to help you learn from your performance
  • A wonderful platform to teach others and learn from others
  • Free plan for less active traders
  • Competitive prices of paid plans


  • Higher engagement is necessary as less active traders find little value
  • Doesn’t educate or train on trading methodologies

Tradervue review wrap-up

Tradervue is a fantastic platform for traders because of many reasons. It’s just a platform that offers top-notch journaling features but also is a traders’ social media platform. Traders can use the platform to teach others as well as learn from others. 

However, the platform may get a little bit difficult for some users to use at first because of the numerous functionalities it offers. But the good thing is, if you find any difficulties in using the platform, you have excellent customer support services to cover you. Moreover, you also have multiple instructional materials to learn how to use the platform. Thus, Tradervue is an ultimate platform for traders of every level to keep their journals, analyze trading performance, and share with the community. 

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