MarketClub Unbiased Review – Is it Worth it? Should You Join it?


MarketClub Unbiased Review

Stock traders often search for an unbiased MarketClub review to find out whether it is worth it or not? They desperately want to know if they should join it? Are you among those traders? Are you also as desperate as they are to find a MarketClub review that covers every aspect of the MarketClub platform? Then, there is no need to look further because we are going to solve the MarketClub riddle for you.

Our MarketClub review is 100% unbiased and covers all aspects that you need to know. By the end of this review, you will be able to determine the worth of MarketClub. So, let’s start!

What is MarketClub?

Let’s begin with the MarketClub introduction before heading to the MarketClub review. In the simplest words, MarketClub is a trading signal service provider. Adam Hewison and David Maher founded the platform back in 2002. Hewison was a former floor trader and a successful private fund manager with more than 30 years of experience back then. Whereas, Maher is a trader as well as a computer engineer. 

Hewison envisioned developing some powerful tools based on trading techniques he had developed over the course of his practical trading tenure. And Maher, being a computer and software engineer, helped him realize his dream. So, both of them were able to develop a set of powerful web-based trading tools. They named it MarketClub. Furthermore, these aren’t some ordinary and random tools. Conversely, time-tested algorithms and market-proven analysis power MarketClub. The platform is determined to help members succeed in trading and grow their money. 

So, these are the highlights of the MarketClub history. We considered it important to include it in the MarketClub review. Because the credibility of the founders also plays a key part in establishing trust in the platform. Now, let’s move forward to a detailed MarketClub review. 

MarketClub review

When it comes to stock analysis, MarketClub is the platform for you. It is the platform where time-tested and proven trading strategies meet state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, it isn’t just about stock analysis, you can find analysis of penny stocks, ETFs, futures, Forex, and precious metal markets. Moreover, it also doesn’t matter whether you are a short-term, medium-term, or long-term trader. So, MarketClub is a comprehensive platform for traders of all types and sizes to find the best analysis of various markets. 

MarketClub is actually a beautiful blend of trading algorithms based on vast trading experience and proprietary technology. But, does this combination work? That is what we are going to find out in this MarketClub review. We shall uncover step-by-step what MarketClub offers to its members to make the decision-making easy for you.

MarketClub features

There are two types of features MarketClub provides its members – Trade Triangles and Trading Tools.

Trade Triangles

Trade Triangles are the most useful feature of MarketClub. Based on solid technical analysis and complemented by modern powerful technology, Trade Triangles empower traders to maximize their profits while minimizing losses. They provide you with signals that lead you to ride the strongest trend swings. Additionally, Trade Triangles are extremely easy-to-read and easy to understand. That means you don’t need to be an expert to analyze them. However, easy-to-understand doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful trading signals. You can rest assured that MarketClub’s powerful algorithms and system do all the heavy lifting in the background. The platform just makes it easy for traders to save their time and follow entry and exit signals effortlessly. 

Furthermore, Trade Triangles are for all types of traders. Whether you are an experienced, inexperienced, long-term, medium-term, or short-term trader, Triangle signals are perfect for you. Another point to ponder is how Trade Triangles work. MarketClub scans almost 350,000 markets looking for new trends. So, when a powerful trend develops in any market, the platform instantly generates signals for its members to take full advantage. 

Now, when do members get trading signals? The good these members get trading signals as soon as a market trend begins to gain strength. So, instead of getting signals at the tops or bottoms, you get signals soon and that is what enables you to ride powerful swings and maximize your profit. 

Another great advantage of Trade Triangles is that they are available for different timeframes. Monthly Trade Triangles offer entry and exit points for a long-term trade. Whereas, weekly Triangles are useful for medium-term traders. And if you are a day trader, you can also take advantage of the MarketClub as it also provides daily Trade Triangle signals. 

Trading Tools

1. Smart Scan

MarketClub Smart Scan is another enticing feature. The platform scans stock, penny stock, ETFs, and other markets with powerful scanners. After scanning, it highlights all the solid trades that meet the particular requirements of each member. Thus, you can find the winning trades according to your own trading style and strategies. 

MarketClub, unfortunately, doesn’t allow members to modify scanners from scratch. However, it allows you to customize available scanners using parameters such as price and volume. Moreover, you can also open a full-screen chart of a particular instrument and see its Trading Triangles for further analysis. 

2. Email Alerts

MarketClub also offers Email Alerts to empower its members to never miss a profitable trading opportunity. The platform issues alerts to inform you about changes in trends, new highs and lows, breakouts, and new Trade Triangle signals. Thus, you can set Email Alerts and never miss a good trading opportunity even when on the go.

3. Portfolio Manager & Interactive Charts

MarketClub also offers powerful tools to help members customize charts as well as stay organized. Firstly, the powerful Interactive Charts empower you to customize your charts according to your preferences. Additionally, you can also see Trade Triangles on your charts. Moreover, if you want access to more charting tools and technical studies, the platform offers exactly what you need. 

Secondly, drag and drop Portfolio Manager enables you to stay organized effortlessly. You can see your portfolio, instantly view your score, and also create watchlists for your favorite stocks. So, MarketClub makes organization tremendously easy.

4. Data Central

MarketClub also provides its members with historical data. You can use this tool to fetch useful information from data and use it to your advantage. The platform offers historical data for over 300,000 symbols and you can also download the data. So, Data Central can be a great asset for you in your trading endeavor. 

5. Top Markets

MarketClub also offers a list of the best stocks, ETFs, futures, and Forex pairs at any moment. The platform prepares this list using powerful scanners and filtering tools. Moreover, these lists are also extremely easy to read. So, Top Markets lists enable you to quickly identify the best market and make trading decisions instantly. 

6. Members’ Blog

MarketClub also answers questions from traders across the globe, shares trading tips and ideas, and much more in Members Blog. So, it is another worthwhile feature of the platform. 

MarketClub membership plans

MarketClub offers two membership plans to choose from. Fortunately, you can choose a 30-day trial to assess the usefulness of the platform before becoming a member. 

  • Quarterly Membership – $150
  • Yearly Membership – $449

So, is MarketClub worth it? Should you join it?

After highlighting key features, it’s time now to move to the next section of the MarketClub review. And that is “Is MarketClub worth it? Should you join it”. This is the important section of the MarketClub review because we know you are desperate to know the answers to those questions. 

First of all, let’s have a look at the key advantages and disadvantages of MarketClub. 


  • Generates accurate trading signals through powerful Trading Triangles
  • Indicates trend strength through the score
  • Powerful scanners to find the best markets
  • Powerful portfolio management tool
  • Customizable charting tools
  • Covers a wide range of markets
  • Economical membership plans


  • Only allows customization of prebuilt scanners

So, if we look at advantages, they clearly indicate how good the MarketClub is for traders. Moreover, it suits traders of all types and all sizes. MarketClub is even more fruitful for swing and momentum traders who capitalize on strong market trends. Additionally, Trade Triangles are based on strong technical analysis and the latest technology. That enhances the credibility of the trading signals. The fact that they are extremely easy to read and easy to understand also makes them more enticing. 

Besides Trading Triangles, other features are also highly useful for traders. Simply put, from trading signals to trading tips and ideas, from powerful charts to portfolio managers, everything is spot on. So, MarketClub is worth it and you may join it.

MarketClub Review Summary

Adam Hewison and David Maher founded MarketClub in 2002. Both the founders make a perfect team. Hewison is skilled at trading because of being a former floor trader and a successful private fund manager with more than 30 years of experience. Whereas, Maher is a trader as well as a computer engineer. So, the trading abilities of Hewison and the technical abilities of Maher proved instrumental in the effectiveness of MarketClub. 

Moreover, MarketClub offers a wide range of features that lead to huge success in trading. For example, Trading Triangles are useful for getting powerful trading signals. Similarly, trading charts and technical analysis studies are also highly fruitful. Moreover, MarketClub Blog is your source to get trading tips and ideas to improve your trading and maximize profits. 

In addition to remarkable features, MarketClub also offers economical membership plans. So, overall, it is a fair deal for traders to maximize the odds of success. Furthermore, it is important to note that this MarketClub review is for your knowledge. It isn’t financial advice to use this platform. Trading is a risky arena. Therefore, you should act diligently and carefully every step of the way.

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