FinTwit – The Ultimate Tool to Get Investment Tips from Twitter Gurus



Fintwit, the vibrant community of traders and investors, is one of the best platforms to get trading tips. You can take full advantage of such platforms to generate investing and trading values.

In the current era, social media platforms such as Twitter have become top sources to get quality information. In fact, such platforms are gifts of the modern digital era. That said, if you don’t take full advantage of these digital gifts, you miss great opportunities to excel in your profession. 

Is Fintwit really worth your attention? Does it help you in your trading by providing top-quality trading signals? These are important questions that arise in the mind of traders who aren’t currently using Fintwit. We are going to discuss how Fintwit is the ultimate tool to get investment tips and signals. Let’s dive deep and see.

What is Fintwit? 

Fintwit is basically a community of active traders and investors that uses social networks to share trading and investing ideas. You can get tweets about trading tips, trading ideas, and even insights about different securities. 

Fintwit is basically a part of Twitter and perhaps everyone knows how good Twitter is. The platform has undoubtedly become a go-to place for the trading gurus including masters of Wall Street to financial advisers and hedge fund managers. Therefore, if you are a trader or investor you should consider Fintwit. It will help you manage your money in the market seamlessly. Additionally, you can increase your knowledge, follow smart minds behind smart money, and even interact with them. Simply put, it is simply astonishing how Fintwit can transform the way you trade.

What does Fintwit offer?

Why is Fintwit the ultimate forum to get highly useful trading tips? Because of the following phenomenal features. 

Ultimate source of trading information

As we have already discussed, Fintwit is a very vibrant community of active traders and investors. It consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Such professionals are adept at staying ahead of the market. That’s why they are successful and that’s why they make loads of money. But what enables them to achieve success? It is knowledge and information. 

When you join the Fintwit community, you can also get the knowledge and information required for trading success. This platform was established to share useful information and content. You can also use it to make perfect trading decisions.

Interact with experts

Another great feature that Fintwit offers is that you can interact with top professionals and experts. No other platform enables you to have direct contact with super economists and financial experts like Mohamed A. El-Erian. So,it provides you with a golden opportunity to interact with and learn from the best professionals across the globe. 

All trading insights in one place

The way Fintwit analyzes thousands of tweets from thousands of highly Twitter accounts of professionals is astonishing. The forum does it to help members know about the most traded stocks, market sentiment, trending tickers, and much more. Moreover, you don’t need to keep tracking insights in different places. It aggregates all trading insights in one place. Additionally, it does it in real-time so that you can make time but informed trading decisions. 

Trending Tickers

Fintwit is also an ultimate tool to get access to trending tickers. It enables you to stay updated on highly trending stocks. This information is accurate and authentic because it comes from curated Fintwit analysts. 

User-friendly data

Fintwit is also a source to have highly useful data before you. The forum gives you access to fundamental and financial data, charts, ratios, key metrics, market quotes, and much more. This data also guides you in making informed trading decisions. Moreover, you can also utilize this data to do your own analysis to double-check on trading tips.

Covers a wide variety of markets

Fintwit provides you with trading tips and ideas about a wide variety of financial markets. Thus, you can take advantage of this forum irrespective of which market you trade as Fintwit covers forex, stock, cryptocurrencies, and other markets. 

Other Fintwit features

There are certain other remarkable features of this remarkable forum that also make your trading effortless. For example, you see the latest news, tweets, top gainers/losers, and much more. You can also create your own watchlist consisting of your favorite stocks. Additionally, you can also set filters to see tweets of your selected analysts about your favorite stocks. 

Fintwit pricing plans

Fintwit offers two membership plans – Free and Premium. 

  • Free plan – Free plan includes numerous features such as stock technical indicators, news, the market’s top gainers/losers, and much more.
  • Premium plan – Premium plan includes all the advanced features you need for successful trading. If you are looking for advanced features such as Fintwit trending tickers, analyst top mentions, etc. then you need this plan. It costs you $12 per month or $120 per year. Moreover, if you want to test the forum before spending money, you can also subscribe for a 7-day free trial. 

The wrap-up

Financial Twitter (Fintwit) is a part of the social media platform Twitter. It is a community of active traders, investors, and top professionals like financial analysts and economists. The purpose of the platform is to share trading tips, ideas, and help other traders. Fintwit is the ultimate forum to get trading tips and take your trading to the next level because of its numerous features. You can get the latest news, information, useful data, trading tips, and even interact with experts. Moreover, the platform also offers a free membership plan. However, you have to subscribe to the Premium plan if you need advanced features. 

That said, Fintwit is a highly useful platform for traders. However, it is important to note that Fintwit is just like other financial communities. You may also encounter scammers and self-serving manipulators besides getting top advice and solid research. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant and also do your own research before trading or investing. 

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