Is Curved Monitor Good for Trading? Best Setup


A curved monitor for trading is the best choice for you if you intend to buy a monitor for trading. The major benefit of a curved monitor is that it is the best for all types of trading. So, whether you are a day trader or a long-term trader, a curved screen suits you. 

If you are trading frequently, you need a monitor that lets your mind directly enter the screen. Additionally, the monitor should never distract you and put minimal strain on your eyes. In this article, we are going to explain how a curved monitor for trading is the best choice. Let’s start right away.

Curved monitor for trading

Curved monitors for trading have become quite popular among all types of traders. They have quickly overtaken flat monitors among traders despite being relatively new technology. But how was it possible? Why are curved monitors more popular among traders as well as beneficial for trading? This is because a curved monitor for trading offers numerous advantages. 


Curved monitors are immersive because they use peripheral vision. They make you forget that you are looking at a screen. This is made possible by using all three dimensions and not just two. Yes, curved monitors replicate real life by using all three dimensions length, width, and height. As a result of this ocular perception technology, we see things on a screen just like we see things in real life. Contrarily, flat monitors use only two dimensions. Thus, things appear to be flat just like the flat monitor screen. In short, curved monitors offer a more immersive experience and when using a curved monitor for trading, you can just imagine the vision before buying one.

Minimal distortion

Imagine seeing trading charts and patterns on a blurry screen. Obviously, this is very annoying for traders. However, the latest curved monitor technology has eliminated distortion to the lowest possible levels. How is it possible? It is possible because a curved monitor screen blasts everything on the viewer and not to the sides. That’s what traders need to read and analyze charts on a large monitor screen with a more immersive experience. 

Comfortable for eyes

If you are trading frequently, you need a monitor screen that puts less strain on your eyes. The strain on the eyes causes fatigue, headache, and other health issues. Contrarily, a monitor screen comfortable for the eyes is a dream come true and that’s what a curved monitor offers. Its curvature not only minimizes distortion but also makes it comfortable for the eyes. Thus, your eyes take everything in without any stress or strain. 

A wider field of view

A curved monitor for trading also ensures a wider field of view besides being comfortable for the eyes and offering an immersive experience. As a curved monitor screen directs light only toward viewers’ eyes, viewers take everything in without any ocular exertion. This is quite wonderful as it means your eyes are able to capture a wider field of view. Contrarily, flat screen monitors don’t ensure this and lack in this aspect as well.

Aspects to consider when buying a curved monitor for trading

A curved monitor for trading is always the best choice. Why so? We have already concluded that in the previous section. A curved monitor’s curved screen directs light from all angles to your eyes. Thus, it not only eliminates distortion but also promises a wider field of view. Moreover, it is comfortable for the eyes and prevents your eyes from strain. Therefore, a curved monitor should be your first choice, especially if you trade frequently. But are there any other aspects that you need to consider when buying a curved monitor for trading? Yes, there are.

1. Resolution

Resolution is the most important aspect that you need to consider when buying monitors for general use. It becomes even more important when buying a monitor for trading. This is because trading depends on technical analysis and for technical analysis, you need a crystal clear display. The highest-quality images, charts, patterns, etc. lead you to better technical analysis. Therefore, you should buy a high-resolution curved monitor for trading. The best options are 1920×1440  to 2560×1440. You should even go for a monitor with 3840×2160  for the ultimate viewing experience. Always remember that the higher the resolution, the better the viewing experience. 

2. Screen size

Screen size is another key aspect you need to consider when buying a curved monitor for trading. Screen sizes within a range of 27 to 34 inches are the best for trading. Note that a larger screen size means you can view several charts simultaneously. Similarly, viewing more information like more price history, more areas of support and resistance, etc. on a single screen is enticing. 

3. Flicker-free monitor

Trading is a tough task and getting fatigued and having headaches becomes routine because of eyes locked on the screen. This is a big problem when you trade frequently like day traders. Therefore, you need a monitor that puts less strain on your eyes. And that is only possible when you go for a monitor with flicker-free technology. 

The best curved monitor for trading

We have established why a curved monitor for trading is the best choice. Key aspects to consider before buying a monitor have also been discussed. But, what is the best curved monitor for trading? Note that an ultrawide curved monitor is the best, in fact, the ultimate, choice for trading. Although these monitors are comparatively expensive, they offer the best value for money. 

As you know, bigger is better when it comes to monitors for trading. Ultrawide curved monitors are the latest development in this space. They are the best because they offer a staggering 21:9 aspect ratio. That’s quite a development as compared to the traditional aspect ratio of 16:9. In other words, curved monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio offer 33% more horizontal screens. This is a key advantage of ultrawide curved monitors that further accentuates the typical advantages of a curved screen. Simply put, these screens sufficiently enhance your trading efficiency and productivity. 

How many curved monitors do you need for efficient trading? 

Well, the number of curved monitors you need for efficient trading depends on your trading style and strategy. For instance, if you make trading decisions based on a lot of data and information, you can go for multiple screens. Conversely, average traders can easily rely on a single monitor with high resolution. As we have discussed earlier, an ultrawide curved monitor is the best choice. This is because it displays more information on a screen.

However, the fact is that multiple screens make it easier to watch multiple charts simultaneously. It also opens the door to more trading opportunities and thus makes more money. So, if you can afford multiple screens, go for them. However, if you cannot afford that, go for an ultrawide curved monitor for trading to transform the way you view charts on your screen. 

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