4 Best Scalping Books – Shortlisted & Reviewed


Best Scalping Books
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Scalping is a trading style that requires traders to have the best tools as well as the stamina to place numerous trades. It is a very risky trading style as one wrong move may eliminate traders’ many small gains. However, there are a few scalping books that can help you master this trading style. The following are some of the best scalping books that have stood the test of time.

If you are serious about scalping trading and want to explore what is scalping all about, the following books have plenty for you to learn. 

1. Forex Price Action Scalping: An In-depth Look into the Field of Professional Scalping

Forex Price Action Scalping by Bob Volman is a comprehensive book on the subject of scalping. No other author has provided such a unique look into the subject than Volman. The book is one of the best scalping books for anyone who aspires to excel in professional scalping. Forex Price Action Scalping is a wonderful source to thoroughly prepare yourself for successful trading. Volman has expressed all about scalping in this book and there was nothing that he held back.

The major part of the book’s content consists of countless charts, detailed scalping strategies, hundreds of setups, entry/exit rules, and price action principles. Volman also discusses the psychological side of scalping and clever accounting. The book’s 358 pages are packed with wisdom and rare knowledge on the subject. If you want to open a door of a wealth of scalping knowledge, insights, and techniques for yourself, Forex Price Action Scalping should be your first choice.

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2. E-mini Dow and Mini DAX Scalping Techniques

E-mini Dow and Mini DAX Scalping Techniques by Teva Lama is another comprehensive book on the subject of scalping. Lama’s knowledge on the subject is as exemplary as his book. He introduces different tools to adapt your trading strategies to cope with different market phases. Lama also teaches you how not to leave any room for sentiments by trading with automatism. He conveys his ideas through the most recent and concrete examples. So of the examples extend over one week of trading. Although this book is specifically about e-mini Dow and mini DAX scalping techniques, you can also employ those techniques in other markets. If you want to become a professional scalper and a disciplined trader, E-mini Dow and Mini DAX Scalping Techniques by Lema are one of the best scalping books to help you in realizing your dream.

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3. Scalping is Fun! 1-4: The Complete Series

Scalping is Fun! 1-4: The Complete Series is packed with scalping knowledge, strategies, techniques, and insights. The series covers all you need to know to transform your scalping skills.

  1. Book 1 – Fast Trading with the Heikin Ashi Chart covers how do financial markets work, what is trading and scalping, the Heikin Ashi Chart, scalping trade setups, risk and money management, and making a decision. 
  2. Book 2 – Practical Examples deals with technical analysis, interpreting Heikin Ashi Charts, enter/exit strategies, and much more.
  3. In Book 3 – How Do I Rate My Trading Results, the author discusses trading journal, the importance of the first twelve weeks of a scalper, and scalping as a business. 
  4. Book 4 – Trading is Flow Business addresses when to trade, when not to trade, the best trading hours for traders trading in different markets, and scalping discipline.

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4. Scalping Trading Top 5 Strategies: Making Money with the Ultimate Guide to Fast Trading in Forex and Options

Scalping Trading Top 5 Strategies by Andrew C. Ellis is another one of the best scalping books. The book discusses five main strategies for scalpers. These strategies have reached the ranks of the best strategies after being tried and proven in Forex and Options markets. There are detailed chapters about each strategy and provide the ultimate guidelines and tips. Ellis discusses all these strategies in such a way that readers can put them to work right away.

He also pinpoints all the risks associated with each strategy and teaches you different methods to minimize those risks. If you aspire to thoroughly explore scalping trading, enhance your scalping knowledge, and develop skills, there is nothing better than starting with this remarkable piece of literature. 

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