Best Robinhood Alternatives – Compared & Reviewed


Best Robinhood Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Robinhood Alternatives, then you are on the right platform. We are going to share with you the best Robinhood alternatives to reach your trading goals.

Robinhood is currently among the very best online brokers. It is a US-based company that offers numerous services. Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt established Robinhood back in 2013 and the broker developed at quite a remarkable pace. 

Robinho became tremendously famous in a very short period of time. The main reason for its huge popularity was commission-free stock trading. Robinhood also offers basic market research tools, real-time quotes, watchlists, and some other reasonable features. The broker also has no account minimum requirements. Additionally, Robinhood is also a regulated platform regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

However, Robinhood isn’t the platform that suits advanced traders. It seriously lacks in several aspects as compared to other brokers. For example, it doesn’t provide traders with a reliable trading platform as other brokers do. Moreover, it also offers a very simple mobile application. Therefore, Robinhood might be a good choice for beginners but not for advanced traders seeking groundbreaking features. Thus, traders often look for Robinhood alternatives. If you are also looking for a reliable Robinhood alternative, consider one of the following brokers. These brokers offer more sophisticated trading platforms and advanced trading tools. 

Best Robinhood alternatives

  1. Webull
  2. TradeStation
  4. E*TRADE
  5. Charles Schwab
  6. Interactive Brokers
  7. eToro
  8. Fidelity Investments
  9. Sofi
  10. Acorn
  11. Stash

Best Robinhood alternatives – Detailed reviews

1. Webull 

Webull is among the most reliable online trading brokers. The broker employs state-of-the-art technology to offer the most advanced trading platform and tools. Webull also offers highly powerful and useful trading apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. 

Webull mobile application offers numerous remarkable features that make it the best Robinhood alternative. Its most commanding features include;


  • Voice Commands is the most innovative feature of the Webull app. The feature enables you to trade with simple voice prompts like buy, sell, and search using your voice.
  • You can have access to real-time information about the market using NASDAQ Level 1 and Level 2 Quotes.
  • Stop-loss and take-profit features make your trading effortless. Thus, you can also easily manage your trades and risks based on the price changes.
  • The Webull app also helps you in conducting in-depth analysis. You can use features like market screeners, fundamental data, and the latest news helps you easily but perfectly analyze the market.
  • There is also no account minimum requirement for opening an account on Webull. 

Webull offers thousands of stocks including fractional stocks with as little as a $5 investment, ETFs, forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. It also doesn’t charge a commission on stock trading. Its other fees are also very competitive. Additionally, Webull is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Moreover, regulatory authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulate it. Thus, it is also among the highly regulated platforms. In short, Webull is among the best Robinhood alternatives that you can consider. 


  • Great mobile application with exceptional tools 
  • Fractional share trading
  • No account minimum
  • Reasonable customer support services


  • Below average market research
  • Lacks in some advanced technical tools
  • Doesn’t offer automated trading

2. TradeStation 

TradeStation is another award-winning broker that deserves your attention as a Robinhood alternative. The broker offers trading platforms and necessary tools to trade with confidence. TradeStation is a platform that has won awards for being a robust and powerful trading platform. Firstly, the platform is the ultimate tool that helps greatly in technical analysis. Its fully customizable charting tools and technical indicators make technical analysis seamless. Additionally, dynamic market scanners help in finding the best assets for trading. On top of that, the platform empowers you to design, test, and optimize your trading strategy. Secondly, TradeStation offers a highly efficient mobile application. The app brings all features that you need for a perfect trading experience. Most importantly, the app is extremely easy to use even for beginners. So, TradeStation perfectly covers you from all fronts. You can expect the following features from TradeStation.


  • TradeStation offers all types of trading solutions including web-based, desktop, and mobile. Thus, you can trade in the way you want and from wherever you are. 
  • TradeStation platform is among the best, most reliable, and widely used trading platforms. It also accompanies all the features you need for a good trading endeavor. 
  • TradeStation mobile application is also a unique one as it puts the power of the TradeStation platform in the palm of your hand.
  • Additionally, you can easily synchronize your account and analyze your trading positions, even on the go.
  • Hot Lists, Quotes, and the Matrix, superior order execution, and much more also make TradeStation the best choice. 

These are a few of the many enticing features offered by TradeStation. Moreover, if we look at the aspects like tradable assets offered etc. TradeStation is also good. For example, it offers thousands of tradable assets across several asset classes including cryptocurrencies. TradeStation is also safe as regulatory authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulate it. However, TradeStation requires a $500 account minimum to open an account. 


  • Offers desktop, web, and mobile platforms
  • A reliable and intuitive mobile application
  • Superior order execution 
  • Latest market research and news
  • Active trader community


  • Higher account minimum

3. is also a big name if we look at the best Robinhood alternatives. The broker offers numerous features that you need for a great trading experience. enables you to discover new opportunities by following expert traders of your choice. Additionally, you can manage and build your portfolio in the long run. Moreover, the customer support team is always there for your help. If you aren’t still convinced, you might find the following features convincing enough.


  • mobile app is an intuitive and powerful yet simple and easy-to-use. It helps you in managing your activities on the go with ease.
  • You can discover new trading opportunities by looking at what others invest in. 
  • This broker also gives you the opportunity to invest with context. Thus, you can get logical answers to questions like why you need to invest in this or that stock.
  • The app is an exquisite one for the management of portfolios with ease. You can even manage your portfolios with perfection over the long run. 

Moreover, if we look at other aspects like available tradable securities, is a good choice. It enables you to invest in stocks of hundreds of companies. Additionally, you can invest even in a fraction of a share. The fact that the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) also makes it one of the best Robinhood alternatives. 


  • Portfolio management tool
  • Social trading
  • Investing with context
  • Fractional share trading
  • Reasonable learning content


  • Limited tradable financial instruments


E*TRADE is another broker that can easily be your first choice as a Robinhood alternative. The broker offers an innovative Power E*TRADE platform. It is also packed with the latest tools that make your trading remarkably easy and profitable. Additionally, E*TRADE also gives you access to the latest research, trading strategies, and much more. Thus, you can make informed trading decisions and maximize the odds of successful trading.

Moreover, if we look at the mobile applications, the broker offers two mobile applications. The first one is the E*TRADE Mobile app. It is one of the best choices for traders looking for a mobile-only trading experience. The app is extremely powerful and useful. It brings numerous key features required for a seamless mobile-only trading solution. Secondly, the Power E*TRADE app is also a feature-rich app that accompanies numerous key features. In short, E*TRADE is a unique broker because it offers the best desktop as well as mobile trading solutions. The following are the key features you have access to when using E*TRADE.


  • The broker offers a Power E*TRADE as your desktop trading platform. It is one of the robust, efficient, and reliable trading platforms. Additionally, it also brings numerous features that help you greatly in trading. 
  • If you want to conduct technical analysis, advanced charting tools with multiple indicators, chart types, and drawing tools are there for you.
  • Besides, you can also exercise full control over your trading as well as finances. For example, features like independent analyst research, market news, quotes, screeners, and even retirement planning help you in this regard. 
  • E*TRADE Mobile app has been optimized for all types of devices and operating systems. Even it operates perfectly on the Apple Watch. 
  • The app also offers additional features besides trading tools. For example, it empowers you to perform activities like Transfer Money.
  • On the other hand, Power E*TRADE is also packed with highly useful features. For example, you can use streaming quotes to analyze market movements.

Moreover, if we look at other aspects, E*TRADE also proves to be a good Robinhood alternative. For instance, it doesn’t require any account minimum. It also offers stocks, penny stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, and mutual funds. On top of that, it is also a safe broker as regulatory authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulate it.


  • Robust and intuitive trading platform
  • User-friendly but feature-rich mobile applications
  • Access to independent research 
  • Exceptional customer support services
  • Commission-free stock trading 


  • The website isn’t user-friendly 
  • Doesn’t accept credit/debit cards 

5. Charles Schwab 

Charles Schwab is another one of the top Robinhood alternatives. The broker offers a lot of features and tools to take trading to the next level. Firstly, Charles Schwab gives you the opportunity to trade on a platform of your choice. It offers two platforms: and StreetSmart Edge. Both of these platforms are loaded with the latest cutting-edge tools. Additionally, these platforms are extremely easy-to-use besides being highly efficient.

Moreover, on the mobile trading side, Charles Schwab mobile application is a great device-optimized application. The app has been designed and developed with the aim to make trading unbelievably easy. Therefore, you can easily spot profitable trading opportunities and execute trades with perfection. Moreover, stock research and analysis tools serve as icing on the cake. In a nutshell, you can count on Charles Schwab as a good Robinhood alternative. The most prominent features you can have access to on Charles Schwab include;


  • StreetSmart Edge, as well as the web trading platform, are both intuitive platforms. Both of them empower you to spot opportunities and make informed trading decisions. 
  • Numerous charting tools, indicators, and analytical tools help you in technical analysis. Additionally, the latest market research and news also help you stay updated. 
  • The Charles Schwab mobile app is also a special trading app. It runs perfectly on all sorts of devices.
  • The app offers all key tools and features to help you make the best trading decisions. For example, real-time market data and breaking news enable you to stay on top of the market. 
  • You can search for and analyze stocks with exquisite stock research, advanced screeners, and Schwab Stock Lists. Thus, you can easily find the best instruments for trading, compare them, and also customize search criteria using these innovative tools.
  • Besides, you can also take advantage of third-party research and commentaries from Market Edge, Morningstar, Credit Suisse, and to find the best stocks.
  • Features like All-in-One Trade Ticket, Gain/Loss Analyzer, etc. are also really helpful in the overall trading campaign. 
  • Additionally, you can also expect the ultimate security as fingerprint and facial recognition protocols keep your account absolutely safe.

Moreover, if we look at the account minimum, available instruments, and regulations, Charles Schwab doesn’t disappoint you. Firstly, there is no account minimum requirement. Secondly, you can also trade all types of tradable assets including cryptocurrencies. Thirdly, it is also a safe broker as it is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).


  • Offers a variety of tradable assets 
  • Powerful StreetSmart Edge and web platforms
  • Top-notch mobile application
  • Excellent customer support services


  • Slightly expensive brokerage services
  • Doesn’t accept credit/debit cards

6. Interactive Brokers 

Interactive Brokers is another broker that is worthy of your attention as a Robinhood alternative. The broker also offers a Trader Workstation platform for traders. It is among the most efficient and powerful trading platforms. The platform also accompanies numerous amazing features that make your trading simple but highly profitable. For example, it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of 100+ order types and complex algorithm trading. Additionally, Interactive Brokers also offers a fully responsive and powerful mobile trading app. The app is a comprehensive one that allows you to manage all your trading activities. Most interestingly, the Interactive Brokers mobile app functions just like its desktop trading platform. Moreover, Interactive Brokers mobile app also offers the following enticing features. 


  • Trader Workstation mobile app is one of the most easy-to-use trading apps. It is also a powerful app with some great tools. Therefore, it allows you to manage and trade with ease from anywhere in the world.
  • Various intuitive and cutting-edge tools offered by the app make it one of the revolutionary apps in the trading world. 
  • All of the trading tools help you in identifying profitable market opportunities. It also empowers you to analyze trading outputs and make informed trading decisions. 
  • Additionally, if we look at the desktop trading platform, the Trader Workstation platform is one of the most powerful and feature-rich platforms. 
  • Interactive Brokers also gives you access to comprehensive reporting. Thus, you can perform easy transaction costs analysis, portfolio analysis, and more.
  • Features like backtesting, paper trading, advanced order and algorithms, simple orders, IB Risk Navigator, and many other enticing features also make Interactive Brokers one of the best Robinhood alternatives. 

Moreover, Interactive Brokers also offers stocks of numerous domestic and international companies, penny stocks, ETFs, and forex pairs for trading. Additionally, Interactive Brokers is a highly regulated broker regulated by entities like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the US.


  • User-friendly but feature-rich mobile app
  • Offers stocks both in the OTC marketplace and big stock exchanges 
  • Fractional share trading
  • Great trading platform and research tools
  • Commission-free trading on IBKR Lite
  • Better order execution 


  • Difficult to navigate website 

7. eToro

eToro is one of the big and most popular brokers in the world of trading and investing. The broker offers an exquisite trading platform that also accompanies numerous top-quality features. Additionally, eToro offers a very powerful and intuitive mobile application. The app enables you to trade and manage your accounts on the go. Moreover, you can also take advantage of features like Virtual Portfolio to practice trading before risking your real capital. Other features that you can have access to are;


  • eToro trading mobile application is feature-rich, intuitive, and user-friendly. The ease of use makes it very simple for traders even for novices.
  • Virtual Portfolio enables you to learn to trade and gain experience without risking your capital. 
  • You can also take full advantage of social trading and the combined wisdom of the trading community. 
  • Additionally, if you want to follow master traders, you can do that using the copy trading feature.
  • eToro also gives you access to quality market research. Thus, you can stay ahead of the market and make profitable trading decisions. 

Furthermore, eToro offers a wide variety of tradable securities across numerous asset classes. For example, you can trade on stocks of hundreds of companies. It is also a highly regulated broker regulated by authorities in different countries. eToro is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB), and the Seychelles Financial Securities Authority. However, eToro requires a $200 minimum deposit to open an account. 


  • Feature-rich but user-friendly app
  • Virtual trading, copy trading, and social trading 
  • A wide selection of tradable securities
  • Highly regulated broker


  • Supports only USD accounts
  • High non-trading fees such as the $5 withdrawal fee
  • Customer support can be improved

8. Fidelity Investments 

Fidelity is another worthwhile broker that deserves a place in the list of quality Robinhood alternatives. The broker has a longstanding history and is among the highly trusted brokers. The platform offers an exceptional trading platform Active Trader Pro as well as efficient trading tools. On the other hand, Fidelity Investments also offers exquisite mobile applications. These apps enable you to easily handle all your trading activities and manage your account. For instance, Fidelity Spire is one of Fidelity’s applications. It not only helps in managing trading but also guides you. So, what are the most promising Fidelity features that make it one of the best Robinhood alternatives? 


  • Active Trader Pro is among the most exquisite trading platforms. Its various features make trading exceptionally easy but profitable. 
  • Fidelity also offers one of the most efficient stock screeners. It helps you screen stocks and find the best for trading.
  • The broker also offers device-optimized applications including the Apple Watch.
  • Fidelity Spire helps and guides you in planning, trading, and saving in one place.
  • The Google Assistant application is also highly useful. It empowers you to keep eye on your portfolios. Additionally, it also provides quotes as well as updates on your trading positions.

Fidelity is also a good choice when we look at other aspects. Fidelity doesn’t require any minimum initial investment. It also offers numerous instruments for trading across several asset classes. Moreover, it is also a safe broker as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates it. These are the reasons that Fidelity is one of the best Robinhood alternatives. 


  • Active Trader Pro trading platform is fast and packed with helpful features 
  • Device optimized mobile applications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives access to the latest market research and news
  • Commission-free stock trading


  • Margin fees are high
  • Doesn’t support credit/debit cards

9. SoFi Active Invest

SoFi is a place where you can have access to numerous other services besides stock trading. The broker’s wide spectrum of services includes services like student loans, mortgages, and much more. Thus, you can control your trading as well as other finances on this platform. Additionally, SoFi also provides free access to professional financial planners. So, its subscribers can easily get their money right. The most important thing is that you have a powerful app that serves as a one-stop-shop. You can handle all your trading and financing activities using one app. Moreover, Sofi also gives you the opportunity to choose automated investing. Therefore, Sofi is one of the most exquisite Robinhood alternatives for you. Sofi gives you access to the following key features. 


  • Sofi is a platform where you can get additional services such as mortgages besides trading. And the good news is that it charges no management fees.
  • Sofi suits traders of all types as it offers 10 portfolio options to choose from. These portfolios are built by considering factors like risk tolerance and the trading objectives of the members. 
  • You can also keep yourself updated on the latest market news and developments using the Sofi app.
  • Sofi also gives you the opportunity to invest in Initial public offerings. Additionally, you can also invest even fractions using fractional share trading.

Now, if we look at other aspects, we find Sofi a better option again. SoFi requires just $1 as an account minimum. SoFi also offers 4000+ stocks for trading including big companies like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. It also offers IPOs, fractional shares, and ETFs. Your investment also remains safe as SoFi Invest is also one of the highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).


  • A broad range of services
  • Numerous low-cost investment options
  • Automated investing
  • Doesn’t charge management fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • Access to professional financial planners


  • Account types are limited
  • Trading tools are also limited
  • Limited asset classes

10. Acorns

Acorns is another broker that offers a top-class all-in-one mobile application. The app brings multiple features to make your investment and money management easy. Acorns also make it super easy for you to invest even your spare change. You can also manage your portfolios and rebalance portfolios using the app. So, one Acorn app does it all for you. In short, Acorns promises the following features. 


  • Acorns enable you to automatically invest your spare change using the Spare Roundup feature. 
  • You can also develop your portfolios or have them developed by experts. Additionally, you can rebalance portfolios with ease.
  • Moreover, if you want to learn and increase your investing knowledge, Acorns provides you with quality educational content. 

Moreover, Acorns doesn’t require any minimum deposit and you can start trading or investing with as little as $5. In addition to other features, you can also choose from 7,000 stocks for investment including domestic and international stocks. Furthermore, your investment also remains safe with a highly regulated broker. The reason is that regulatory authorities like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) regulate it.


  • Spare Roundup feature 
  • Links all of your credit/debit cards
  • Cashback at numerous retailers
  • Quality educational content


  • Higher flat monthly fees

11. Stash

Stash also offers various quality features that meet the needs of investors, especially beginners. Additionally, the broker also offers free advice to investors. You can also take guidelines, manage, and grow your portfolio. Moreover, the opportunity to invest automatically makes Stash a more interesting Robinhood alternative. Another good thing is that you can start investing with just $5. Stash brings the following features to make your trading and investing easy. 


  • Stash mobile app is a user-friendly app with a cool user interface. It also runs perfectly on all devices and operating systems. 
  • You can also gain banking and insurance access through the Stash app.
  • It also enables you to invest in more than 3,800 companies and fractional shares.
  • The Stock-Back Card feature enables you to earn stocks when you buy stocks using the card.
  • Senior as well as junior members of the community can take advantage of stash. Because it offers retirement as well as accounts for juniors.

Furthermore, Stash requires only $5 as the minimum deposit. However, there are some Robo-advisors that require as high as $500, even $5,000, as a minimum deposit. Additionally, Stash offers stocks of more than 3,800 companies and hundreds of ETFs for trading and investing. Moreover, being regulated by authorities like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) make Stash safe for investing. These are the reasons that make Stash one of the best Robinhood alternatives. 


  • Automatic saving and investing platform 
  • Fractional share investing
  • Risk management tools 
  • Portfolio guidelines 
  • Commission-free trading


  • Flat monthly fees
  • Lacks in tools like money management
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