11 Best Forex Signal Providers – Extensive Review


Best Forex Signal Providers

Trading is a difficult, challenging, and risky endeavor. The world of trading presents some serious challenges that prove overwhelming for most traders. Similarly, if you know a little bit about foreign exchange trading or forex trading, you probably understand how difficult it is to gain profit from FX trading. For example, it takes a great deal of market research, technical analysis, and analysis of statistics to determine when to enter a trade and how much money to invest. It is a fact that most of the traders aren’t keen on that much study. That’s why they end up losing huge sums of money. It is unfortunately a fact that cannot be denied. However, forex signal providers can help you transform the way you trade forex.

Forex signal providers – your source for profitable forex trading

However, forex trading can be extremely profitable when traded correctly. It is one of the most lucrative and rewarding markets. But how can a trader maximize the odds of success in such a market that is lucrative as well as risky at the same time? The answer is “forex trading signals.” Forex trading signals are in fact recommendations about forex that are based on keen market observations, technical analysis, and study of complex statistics. These informed recommendations substantially enhance the odds of success in the forex market. 

There are hundreds of forex signal providers you can find across the internet. However, picking the best forex signal providers is again a task that may overwhelm you. That is why we decided to help you find one of the best forex signal providers through our today’s post. 

Our guide on best forex signal providers contains extensive reviews of the 11 best forex signal providers. The review of each forex signal provider contains features, pros, cons, and fees. Thus, our guide will enable you to choose a forex signal provider that suits your requirements. 

However, it is to be noted that it’s NOT advice to trade or invest with these forex signal providers. You should do your own research and make sure to understand all the ins and outs before investing your hard-earned money. 

11 best forex signal providers

  1. Learn2Trade
  2. 1000pip Builder
  3. ForexSignals.com
  4. MQL5
  5. Zero to Hero Forex Signals
  6. Daily Forex Signal
  7. FX Premiere
  8. We Talk Trade
  9. DDMarkets
  10. Forex Signal Factory
  11. ForexGDP

1. Learn2Trade

Learn2Trade easily tops the list of the best forex signal providers. The platform offers signals that give forex traders an edge over others. That is the reason that more than 25,000 global users trust Learn2Trade. It is one of the best platforms for getting forex signals because of multiple good reasons. Firstly, its forex signals are the most accurate because these signals are provided by experienced traders. These traders are gurus of fore trading with more than 15 years of experience. For example, Orlando Guttierez is the Lead Trader at Learn2Trade. He is one of the most successful forex traders and has more than 15 years of experience. 

Secondly, Learn2Trade is believed to generate more than 1000’s of pips profit per month for its users. These are staggering stats that clearly indicate the accuracy of the signals. Thirdly, the platform suits both beginners and experienced forex traders. Beginners who don’t need advanced research and analysis can take advantage of a free plan for getting signals. On the other hand, experienced and advanced traders need can subscribe to the paid plans for getting access to extensive research and signals. Therefore, if you want to earn big through the most accurate forex signals, Learn2Trade is for you.


  • Learn2Trade provides the most accurate signals because experienced traders like Orlando supply these signals. 
  • The platform is highly suitable for beginners. They can capitalize on the free Telegram group offered by Learn2Trade. The group is an excellent place to get accurate signals for free.
  • The free Forex Signal Telegram group offers 3 signals per week that help traders gain a lot of profit.
  • On the other hand, the VIP Telegram group offers 2 to 3 signals per day. Thus, this group is for more advanced traders who aspire to become successful like big fish in the industry. 
  • The VIP Telegram group also gives you access to daily technical analysis reports and weekly webinars. So, it enables you to learn and make more informed trading decisions. 
  • It also provides you alerts on the recent economic events that significantly affect markets. So, this feature also enables you to make trading decisions according to what is currently happening. 
  • The Telegram group also provides mobile notifications and Telegram alerts on all signals. 
  • Learn2Trade also provides you with a fully responsive mobile application. The app is user-friendly and super-fast. Thus, it enables you never to miss a profitable trading opportunity. 


  • Most accurate signals provided by the experienced traders
  • Free plan for beginners
  • Excellent features for experienced traders
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • User-friendly and intuitive mobile application


  • Limited broker options
  • Slightly expensive pricing plans


Learn2Trade offers the following five different plans to choose from;

  1. £35 – Billed monthly
  2. £65 – Billed quarterly
  3. £95 – Billed bi-annually
  4. £250 – Lifetime subscription
  5. £50 – Separate Swing Trading Group

2. 1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder is another one of the top-notch forex signal providers. The platform was established with the aim of helping forex traders. 1000pip Builder is also an equally beneficial place for both beginners and experienced forex traders. There are a few highly experienced and expert traders at 1000pip Builder that do all the hard work for you. They do all the technical and fundamental analysis to find favorable opportunities. Whenever a profitable opportunity arises, the platform informs you through email, Telegram, and SMS. Moreover, it doesn’t provide you just notifications but also provides you with all the information. The alerts include pieces of information like entry price, stop-losses, and take-profit levels. Thus, you can follow the signal with a relaxed mind.

The plus point of 1000pip Builder is that it has some highly experienced forex traders. For example, Bob James is the Lead Trader at the platform. He has more than 10 years of experience as a master forex trader and a mentor. Bob’s remarkable technical and fundamental analysis skills help you achieve big in forex trading. Moreover, 1000pip Builder does not follow random strategies or guesses. Rather the platform makes sure to follow proven and tested strategies. Each strategy is also tailored to different market conditions. In fact, 1000pip Builder strategies have made more than 6,500 pips in profit over the past 2 years. To cut the long story short, 1000pip Builder puts you on the path to success in forex trading through its highly accurate signals. 


  • 1000pip Builder uses the experience and expertise of traders like Bob to generate signals. Its signals are also based on technical and fundamental analysis. Thus, 1000pip Builder’s forex trading signals are highly accurate. 
  • Additionally, 1000pip Builder provides high-performance signals that are verified by MyFXBook.
  • 1000pip Builder provides signals for all time zones. Therefore, you get signals from wherever you are in the world and make profits. 
  • The platform also guides and educates you on how to use signals. Thus, it makes it easier for you to hit success in forex trading. 
  • Comprehensive information like an entry point, stop-loss, take profit, etc. also make your forex trading effortless. 
  • Additionally, 1000pip Builder ensures great customer support. That means you can ask as many questions as you want and get instant responses. 


  • Backed by experienced traders like Bob
  • Accurate signals based on technical and fundamental analysis
  • 2-7 trades per day
  • Signals also come with other key information
  • Notifications via three mediums
  • Excellent customer support services


  • Expensive pricing plans


1000pip Builder offers three subscription plans for you to choose from;

  • 1 Month – $97
  • 3 Month – $227
  • 12 Month – $397

3. ForexSignals.com

ForexSignals.com is a platform that also provides you with the best forex trading signals. The platform also employs experienced traders, powerful tools, and tested strategies to generate signals that yield good results. The fact that more than 83,000 forex traders from across the globe testify to the proficiency of the platform. Additionally, ForexSignals.com is also a knowledge hub. You can get access to lots of educational content to learn all about forex and forex trading. The educational content consists of video lessons of more than 300 hours and quizzes. Thus, you can learn as well as test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. 

ForexSignals.com is also a platform that is backed by a few highly experienced forex traders. These traders have more than 55 years of trading. That means they have faced all the ups and downs over the years and have acquired a wealth of knowledge. Those traders are helping others through their knowledge and expertise in forex trading. Additionally, they are always there to help you out and answer your questions. Moreover, if you want to take advantage of other handy features like an advanced trading room, ForexSignals.com is just perfect for you.


  • ForexSignals.com is one of the leading forex signal providers that offer the most accurate signals. 
  • All the signals are provided by highly experienced traders. Those traders work really hard and provide you with signals based on a detailed analysis of the market. 
  • ForexSignals.com also gives you access to detailed market analysis. You can also join daily live streams for further information. 
  • The daily stream helps you keep yourself updated on the market and its current trends. You can also learn how to analyze the market through daily streams.
  • ForexSignals.com also gives you access to one of the world’s best Trading Rooms. It brings a lot of powerful tools, strategies, and hundreds of forex traders. Thus, it opens a myriad of new ways to enhance your trading knowledge and skills. 
  • Additionally, the platform also shares some top-class strategies with you. Strategies like Naked Trading Strategy, FX Population Strategy, Trend Surfing Strategy, etc. make good profits for you.
  • Finally, the platform is also a great place to educate yourself with video lessons. Moreover, you can also test your knowledge through interactive quizzes. 


  • Backed by highly experienced traders
  • Highly accurate signals
  • Daily streams
  • Great platform for learning
  • Exquisite trading room
  • Free tools


  • Slightly expensive pricing plans


ForexSignals.com offers three pricing plans for you to choose from;

  • The Professional – $47 per month
  • The Committed – $49.5 per month
  • The Apprentice – $97 per month

4. MQL5

MQL5 is another top-class platform that helps you boost your forex trading performance. This platform also provides highly accurate signals provided by the best in the business. Moreover, MQL5 specializes in providing signals for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The platform gives you numerous options in terms of signals. What you have to do is subscribe to the signal of your choice and start getting signals instantly. 

Furthermore, MQL5 provides only monitored accounts with detailed trading history and statistics. You also have the option to choose signals from categories like Reliability, Popular Among Traders, High Rating, and so on. That means, it is quite easy and straightforward to find an expert and start copying his/her trades. 


  • MQL5 provides detailed trading history and statistics of the signal providers. Thus, it gets very easy to choose a signal provider.
  • You can get signals from expert forex traders who themselves have an outstanding trading history. For example, you can get signals from experts with more than 1000% growth.
  • Moreover, the platform keeps the subscription process extremely easy. You can easily subscribe for signals in just a few clicks.
  • MQL5 gives you the opportunity to substantially grow your account as signals are provided only by experts.


  • Flexibility to choose signals of your choice
  • Choose signals according to your own trading requirements
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Lacks in customer support


Forex signal providers on the MQL5 platform offer different fees. You can choose one that suits your trading requirements and your budget.

5. Zero to Hero Forex Signals

Zero to Hero Forex Signals is another quality platform that has been helping forex traders for years. If you want to succeed as a forex trader and have failed to realize your dreams, then Zero to Hero Forex Signals is for you. The platform offers help that all beginners and inexperienced traders need to taste success. It provides you with highly accurate signals that bring favorable results consistently. 

Zero to Hero Forex Signals is also among the forex signal providers that are backed by highly experienced traders. The Head Trader of the platform is also a highly experienced and expert trader with more than 10 years of experience. He enables you to follow the trades he takes on his own fund. In other words, Zero to Hero Forex Signals brings numerous features to revolutionize your forex trading.


  • Zero to Hero Forex Signals generate signals that bring consistent profit and success. The reasons behind their accuracy are experience and expertise. 
  • Highly experienced traders fully analyze the market. They conduct technical and fundamental analyses to provide highly accurate signals. 
  • Zero to Hero Forex Signals also offers a trend matching strategy. The strategy has stood the tests of time and has been really successful. It has achieved strong positive results on a consistent basis. 
  • Moreover, the signal also includes other helpful information. It contains all the details you need to follow the signal in the best possible way. Entry point, stop-loss, and take profit are also conveyed. 
  • The platform also shares signals with you instantly. You can get notifications through email, SMS, and Telegram.


  • Highly accurate signals
  • 4 to 10 trades per day
  • Experienced traders provide signals
  • Signals based on technical and fundamental analysis
  • Alerts also include other relevant information
  • Easy to follow


  • Expensive pricing plans


Zero to Hero Forex Signals offers 4 pricing plans to choose from;

  • 1 month – $95 per month
  • 3 month – $195 per 3 month
  • 6 month – $295 per 6 month
  • 12 month – $395 per 12 month

6. Daily Forex Signals

Daily Forex is another great option for forex traders looking for quality forex signal providers. The team of exquisite traders and market analysts is the key. Thanks to these experts, the platform is able to provide highly accurate signals. All the financial analysts at Daily Forex are professionals who have spent years in forex trading. Moreover, their analytical skills are remarkable. They rely on and base their trades on technical views. That indicates that signals provided by those experts significantly enhance your odds of success in the forex market. For example, Adam Lemon is the chief analyst at Daily Forex. He has analysis and trading expertise that he acquired in more than 14 years of experience. 

Furthermore, Adam isn’t the only one. Analysts and professional traders like Alp Kocak, Huzefa Hameed, and Christopher Lewis are also among the analysts. These are top professionals with a proven track record. Now, they are helping others reach their true potential. Additionally, Daily Forex is also a great platform to learn. There are tutorials, articles, courses, and much more to learn all about forex. Moreover, Daily Forex is also a great option if you want to keep yourself updated on the forex market. The platform provides articles and reports on current market trends and conditions. In short, Daily Forex is a comprehensive platform that brings numerous benefits for you.


  • Daily Forex has a team of highly experienced and skilled traders and analysts. That is why the platform provides accurate signals.
  • The platform provides you with signals based on detailed technical and fundamental analysis. This significantly enhances the accuracy and reliability of the signals. 
  • Daily Forex also provides expert advice on when to buy and sell major currency pairs. Thus, you can easily execute orders.
  • The platform also gives you numerous opportunities to learn and keep yourself updated on the forex market and trading. There are trading courses, tutorials, articles, eBooks, and much more for learning. 


  • Team of expert traders and analysts
  • Highly accurate signals based purely on technical and fundamental analysis
  • Easy to follow the information
  • Intuitive mobile application
  • Free forex signals


  • The website isn’t user-friendly


Daily Forex is among the free forex signal providers. 

7. FX Premiere

Another platform that offers you profit-making opportunities in forex trading is FX Premiere. The platform is among the most popular forex signal providers. FX Premiere specializes in providing quality signals to help others maximize their gains. The platform also offers FX Courses for forex enthusiasts to learn before embarking on the forex trading journey. 

FX Premiere is undoubtedly a great platform that saves you a lot of effort. You don’t need to conduct technical analysis on your own after subscription. However, FX Premiere isn’t a financial analyst. They are just intermediaries who source over 50 forex signal sources. It is important to note that the platform sources signals from the most experienced and most skilled analysts. Having said that, the platform’s subscribers get the signals verified by various providers. Additionally, the platform offers economical subscription plans that suit beginners and advanced traders alike. 


  • FX Premiere sources over 50 forex signal sources to provide quality forex signals to subscribers. 
  • The signals are highly accurate and precise because they are verified by numerous sources.
  • The platform provides signals instantly via Telegram as soon as a profitable opportunity arises. That means FX Premiere forex signals are easy to receive. 
  • The platform also offers free forex signals to traders with limited resources. On the other hand, advanced traders can benefit from the VIP Forex Signals option.
  • FX Premiere offers budget-friendly packages to choose from. Additionally, you can also choose a lifetime package at a very economical price. 


  • Accurate forex signals
  • Instantly provided signals
  • Provided by expert analysts
  • Free forex signals
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Subscription plans also include gold signals
  • Option to choose a lifetime subscription plan


  • Signals don’t include entry and exit point details


FX Premiere offers 4 subscription plans to choose from;

  • Basic Forex Signals – $37 per month
  • Standard Forex Signals – $97 per 4 months
  • Premium Forex Signals – $199 per 12 months
  • Lifetime Forex + Gold/Oil Signals – $500

8. We Talk Trade

We Talk Trade is also an outstanding place for all types of traders irrespective of experience and expertise. The platform has a live forex signal mobile application. The app keeps you updated on market movements. It is also a medium to receive instant notifications on forex signals. The user interface of the We Talk Trade forex signals app is elegant and extremely simple. That is why the app is easy to understand and use for any trader. Additionally, the app brings numerous other benefits and advantages. The biggest advantage is you don’t need to sit in front of the computer screen for hours. 

We Talk Trade also provides you with highly accurate forex signals. This platform also provides signals that are generated based on extensive study and research. Comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis as well market analysis enables We Talk Trade to produce signals with 80% accuracy. The biggest advantage of We Talk Trade is that it also automates your forex trading. It enables you to set copy trading on your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 and get relaxed. The signals are automatically executed on your account. Moreover, We Talk Trade is also a good platform to get signals on other asset classes including cryptocurrencies.


  • We Talk Trade provides forex signals with a staggering accuracy of 80%. That means the signals are highly accurate and substantially enhance your chances of hitting the target.
  • This platform also doesn’t provide signals based on forecasts, assumptions, or guesses. Rather signals are based on detailed technical and fundamental analysis as well as market analysis. 
  • We Talk Trade forex signals also contain information about stop-loss and take profit levels. Thus, the platform doesn’t only provide signals but also shares with you the techniques to maximize gains while minimizing losses. 
  • Additionally, you can get forex trading signals instantly through push notifications. If enabled, you never miss a profitable trading opportunity. 
  • We Talk Trade mobile app is also a joy to use with a user-friendly user interface and easy-to-understand functionalities. 
  • The platform also shares with you the latest economic news and its impact on forex pairs. Thus, it gets extremely easy for you to predict the direction of the market.
  • This platform also gives you complete freedom regarding automation or manual trading. You can choose between manual copy trading or automatic execution of signals on your trading account. 
  • The mobile application also enables you to trade even on the go. Thus, you don’t need to sit before computer screens for hours.


  • Accurate forex signals
  • Forex trading on the go
  • Exquisite mobile application
  • Instantly received signals
  • Free forex signals


  • No information about analysts and their credentials
  • Expensive pricing plan


We Talk Trade offers two pricing plans only – free and Premium. The Premium plan costs you $79.99 per month.

9. DDMarkets

DDMarkets is another one of the best forex signal providers since 2014. It is quite a popular platform among forex traders who know the value of quality forex signals. DDMarkets is popular because of several enticing features it presents to its subscribers. Firstly, the platform is established with a proven track record. Secondly, DDMarkets have developed strategies that have been consistently successful in the market. Highly successful and experienced forex traders developed those strategies. They also constantly tweak those strategies to keep them updated to the most current market conditions. 

Thirdly, DDMarkets carefully observes the forex market to provide high-quality signals. Moreover, technical and fundamental analysis also plays a key role in the authentication process. DDMarkets releases alerts only when the market research and analysis models confirm a trend. In short, the platform releases signals that meet each possible quality and accuracy standard. Fourthly, DDMarkets’ focus on education is another great feature. Forex education at the platform is for both beginners and advanced traders. You have access to basic forex trading content to more complex content like the in-depth market analysis. So, it won’t be an overstatement to say that DDMarkets righteously deserves a spot in the list of the best forex signal providers. 


  • DDMarkets releases signals after carefully monitoring the market and conducting thorough technical and fundamental analysis. 
  • The signals you get meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Thus, DDMarkets’ forex signals mostly enable you to gain from forex trading. 
  • The platform also enables every trader to review the fundamental and technical analysis provided for every signal.
  • The platform also provides chart analysis with every trade alert. That means you can fully understand and analyze as well if you want to confirm before acting on the signals. 
  • Signals also accompany stop-loss and take-profit levels. Therefore, it gets extremely easy for traders to follow the signals. This feature is extremely beneficial for beginners.
  • DDMarkets is also an all-in-one platform that also provides you with signals on almost all asset classes. 


  • You can also assess the reliability of the signals
  • Signals meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability
  • Signals also accompany analysis reports chart analysis
  • Clear instructions on stop-loss and take-profit levels
  • Easy to follow 
  • Free trial


  • Customer support services can get better
  • Slightly expensive


DDMarkets offers various pricing plans such as Global Trade Alerts 1-day plan. However, advanced integration plans include;

  • 30-day plan – $138.70 per month
  • 90-day plan – $392.40 per month

10. Forex Signal Factory

Forex Signal Factory is also one of the top forex signal providers. The platform has made huge progress at quite a pace since its inception. Now the platform has become a community of more than 45,000 traders. The aim of Forex Signal Factory is to help retail forex traders strengthen their positions. The platform benefits traders with the knowledge and expertise of professional and experienced traders. Thus, Forex Signal Factory is a bridge that connects forex traders with limited knowledge to master traders for expert advice.

Forex Signal Factory has rightly become so popular. The platform emphasizes the accuracy, quality, and authenticity of the forex signals. Its analysts are experienced active traders who trade live accounts. So, they are bound to do their best as it is their own money at stake. Moreover, Forex Signal Factory also shares the best entry and exit points to guide traders more precisely. Additionally, there is no conflict of interest between Forex Signal Factory and its subscribers. Because this platform is totally independent of any forex broker. Having said that, Forex Signal Factory is a platform to consider when planning to choose the best signal providers. 


  • Forex Signal Factory also employs the best analysts and forex traders who trade on the live account. Thus, they do all the hard work and subsequently share you.
  • Forex Signal Factory analysts also keep observing the market closely. They also conduct thorough technical and fundamental analyses. That means those knowledgeable professionals provide highly accurate and authentic signals. 
  • This platform also doesn’t require you to open a new trading account. Rather you can keep using your existing one. 
  • The platform is also a transparent one where you don’t incur any additional fees.


  • Highly established and popular forex signals providers
  • Authentic and genuine forex trading signals
  • Market analysis as well as technical analysis based signals
  • Professional guidance
  • Doesn’t require you to open a new account


  • Highly expensive plan
  • No information about analysts

11. ForexGDP

ForexGDP is also among the best forex signal providers. It enables you to trade with the ultimate confidence as the platform only issues high-quality and genuine forex signals. Moreover, the platform emphasizes the quality of trading signals rather than the number of signals. That’s why ForexGDP provides signals only at a confirmed trade setup. Additionally, the platform doesn’t support a few brokers. Conversely, you have the flexibility to choose any broker in the world. ForexGDP forex signals will work perfectly for you no matter which broker you choose.

ForexGDP is a platform that is known as one of the top forex signal providers because of numerous justifiable reasons. Firstly, the platform minutely observes the market and analyzes the effects of major events on the market. Secondly, ForexGDP’s team works with highly experienced and expert professionals such as Senior Market Analysts and Fund Managers. The team also consults highly experienced risk managers to assess the risk involved. Thus, ForexGDP forex signals are of the highest standards. Thirdly, the platform also conducts detailed fundamental, technical, and chart analysis before issuing signals. All these factors combine and make ForexGDP signals highly rewarding for subscribers. Additionally, the service also provides signals via WhatsApp which is the most convenient medium. Additionally, if you want to get big trade signals, commodity signals, jackpot signals, etc., ForexGDP also provides them. However, you have to subscribe to the Supreme plan for such signals. 


  • ForexGDP’s team works with professionals working in different big institutions such as fund managers. Thus, it ensures to provide forex signals of the highest standards.
  • The platform also confirms signals through technical, fundamental, and chart analysis. Chart analysis and technical reasons for entering or exiting the market also accompany signals. Thus, you can trade with confidence and ease of mind.
  • Forex trading signals also contain an entry, stop-loss, and take-profit levels. Therefore, you have all the information to initiate trade as soon as a signal arrives. 
  • ForexGDP delivers signals through email and WhatsApp. Both of them are highly effective mediums to receive signals instantly. 
  • The platform also provides you with some extra signal services. For example, you can receive signals such as trend reversal signals, news trading signals, etc.
  • Additionally, the platform also offers a free subscription that includes 2 to 4 signals. Thus, beginners can benefit from it without paying a penny. 
  • ForexGDP also provides exceptional customer support service via email. You get instant responses from the platform. 


  • The highest quality signals
  • Signals verified by chart and technical analysis
  • Alerts also accompany stop-loss, take-profit, and entry points
  • Advance forex signals such as news trading signals
  • Free subscription plan for beginners
  • Signals provided on WhatsApp
  • Economical 12-month plans


  • Expensive monthly plans


ForexGDP offers 3 pricing plans for you to choose from;

  • Trial – free
  • Premium – $20 per month – 12 months/$29 per month – 6 months/ $66 per month – 3 months/$74 per month – 1 month
  • Supreme – $37 per month – 12 months/$57 per month – 6 months/ $99 per month – 3 months/$147 per month – 1 month

Forex signal providers – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What are forex signals? 

Forex trading signals are in fact informed recommendations that help you trade forex. These signals help you determine factors like;

  • Currency pair to buy or sell
  • The best time to enter the trade
  • How much profit can you expect to make
  • How much loss you could have to bear if your trade fails

However, the best forex signal providers make sure to issue only high-quality and accurate signals. They mostly employ highly skilled and experienced forex traders to conduct technical analysis and market research. Thus, forex trading signals enable traders to make critical trading decisions with confidence. However, it is absolutely imperative to choose one of the best forex signal providers that ensure only the best signals.

2. What does a forex signal provider provide?

A forex signal provides you key information regarding entry points as well as stop-loss and take-profit levels. 

3. What are the characteristics of good forex signal providers? 

You can find hundreds of forex signal providers. However, you need to analyze the following key factors before subscribing;

  • Success rate – Success rate tells you how profitable trading recommendations are of a particular signal provider. Typically, the best forex signal providers have a 70-80% success rate.
  • A number of signals per day – You also need to know how many signals you will get per day. However, it is also important not to compromise quality over quantity. 
  • Signal delivery – You also need to make sure how a platform delivers signals. For example, if a particular platform delivers via Telegram, you need to see whether it suits you or not.
  • Currency pairs offered – You should also see which currency pairs the platform supports.
  • Pricing plans – Pricing plans help you find whether the platform suits your budget or not.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews are also the best source to know the quality of service. Happy customers provide positive feedback and vice versa. 
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