10 Best Countries to Live in as a Day Trader


If day trading is your source of making money, you should know about the best country for day traders. It is important because day trading empowers you to make a lot of gains and thus enables you to improve your lifestyle. However, there are a number of factors that decide the best country for day traders. For instance, the quality of the internet is a prerequisite to day trading. You also need to find a country that offers the best tax incentives. 

However, finding the best country for your day trading endeavor is an overwhelming challenge. But the good news is we are going to help you decide. In today’s post, we are going to explain how the following 10 countries are the best for day trading. Let’s begin right away. 

10 best countries to live in as a day trader

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the most popular country for tourism. Famous for its natural beauty as well as the quality of life, Switzerland also offers various advantages to remote workers. In fact, it is a tax haven that offers numerous tax incentives. Additionally, Switzerland’s business-friendly infrastructure makes it the best country for day trading as well as for reinvesting your earned money in other businesses. Another great advantage of living in Switzerland is that you can enjoy the highest financial secrecy. However, the cost of living in Switzerland is the highest among European countries. 

2. Malta

Malta is another European country that is among the best countries to live in as a day trader. It is the best country for day traders because it has a very safe and stable government. It also offers a safe infrastructure for remote workers and business persons. Additionally, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the Mediterranean island and the high quality of life. The country has five densely populated islands and a warm climate. Simply put, you can safely day trade and also enjoy your living in this small but astonishingly beautiful country. 

3. The United States of America

The home to the biggest and most important stock exchanges is enough to make the United States of America the best country for day traders. Additionally, day traders can take advantage of the time zone when the most important stock exchanges are open and active. So, these are the most enticing factors for day traders. Moreover, the United States is among the world’s wealthiest countries and there are lots of investment opportunities. However, there are a couple of disadvantages of living in the US as a day trader. Firstly, the US income tax is comparatively high. Secondly, capital requirements for day trading are high. Another factor that is important to note is that the cost of living in the US is also very high, especially if you live in New York. 

4. Portugal

Portugal is quite popular among remote factors besides being famous for its better climate, better cuisine, and low population. It is heaven for day traders looking to work from the beach. You can enjoy day trading from a beach at a very moderate temperature. Another great advantage of Portugal is that English proficiency is high and English speakers don’t have to face the language barrier. Additionally, Portugal offers tax benefits if you apply for a Non-Habitual Resident visa and move there for work.

5. Singapore

Singapore is a country very enticing for day traders as they aren’t subject to capital gains tax if day trading is their second job. However, regulations for day trading as a primary job are strict. Besides day trading, you can also enjoy a vibrant environment, beautiful places, and good quality of life. In addition, Singapore’s economy is growing quite rapidly and there are numerous investment opportunities. The plus point is the cost of living in Singapore is low compared to European countries or the US. However, English speakers might have to face a language barrier. 

6. New Zealand 

If you are an adventure seeker besides being a day trader, New Zealand is a perfect country for you. In this adventure territory, you can find adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, and so on. So, there are numerous reasons for adventure seekers. In addition, New Zealand is among the most popular and best countries to live in for remote workers. This is because of the quality of the internet, investment opportunities, and comparatively cheaper cost of living. Additionally, you can also enjoy several tropical destinations, remarkable safety, the highest standards of healthcare, and much more. In short, New Zealand is the best country for day traders and can be a very good choice for you.

7. United Kingdom 

The time zone of the UK makes it the most enticing choice for day traders. When you are in the UK, you can avail a majority of trading sessions across the globe. So what else do you need? Perhaps you need the highest quality of life and beautiful places to visit. Luckily, the UK doesn’t disappoint in this aspect as well. The home to myriads of beautiful destinations and historical places, the UK is heaven for tourists. However, professional day traders are subject to income tax that depends on numerous factors. Despite that, the UK is among the best countries to live in as a day trader.

8. Indonesia

Indonesia is located in southeast Asia and it is the largest economy in the region. Indonesia is the best country for day traders because of its flexible tax regulations, super-fast internet, and numerous investment opportunities. Additionally, you can enjoy its spiritual culture beside enjoy its natural beauty. Its tropical setting is the most enticing for tourists. Indonesia also attracts remote workers because of the economic cost of living. In fact, Bali is attracting myriads of remote workers as well as tourists from across the globe. Are you among them? 

9. Croatia

One of the safest countries, with low populations, rich culture, low cost of living, and much more is offered by Croatia. This small country in Europe has become the most attractive destination for day traders and investors. Beautiful seaside and rich historical heritage can easily attract you. Additionally, low competition because of the small stock market also makes it appealing to day traders. Moreover, the quality of life is rapidly improving in Croatia. If we look at the investment opportunities, there are plenty of options for you. For example, renewable energy sources and the car industry in Croatia are sectors playing a key part in the country’s economical growth. 

10. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has lately become the most enticing country for day traders and businesspeople. It is developing at a remarkable pace and is a paragon of innovation and excellent planning. The UAE market is very lucrative as there are numerous investment opportunities and it is growing rapidly. In fact, it is among the top five countries to invest in. Moreover, you can also enjoy the best quality of life, tourist destinations, and safety. 

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