52-Week Range Definition – How does it impact the Stock Market?

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52 week range

Are you into stocks? Do you want to invest in the right thing at the right time? So, you must know about the 52-week range definition in the stock market. We will tell you everything in this blog post and tell you what is best and what is not!

Meaning of 52-Week Range

Basically, a 52-week range means definition in the stock market of the facts point that is traditionally reported by published financial news broadcasting. But do you know that these are more modernly included in statistics feeds? It is from different financial sources that you get online.

The lowest and highest prices are in the data point. These prices are the ones at which the stocks are traded during the past fifty-two weeks. Stockholders usually use the info as a proxy about how much risk and fluctuation may endure for the passage of almost a year.

They then decide what they should choose for investing in a specified stock. Stockholders can also easily find a 52-week sort of stock quote summary. It is usually provided by any broker or the information website of any finance. You can view the data on the value chart that is used for displaying the one year’s value of price information.

Things to know

The lowest and highest published worth of a security over the preceding year can be designated by a 52-week range. For understanding the volatility, the predictors custom this Range as well. Moreover, the range data is used by Technical analysts.

This data is combined with trend notes. And this thing helps in getting an awareness of tradeoff chances.

Insights about 52-Week Range

Most of you might not understand the concept of the 52-week Range. We are going to tell you about this in-depth. A single point data of 2 numbers is known as the 52-week Range. These are the lowest and also highest prices of the preceding year.

But do you know that there is far more that you need to understand about the whole scenario? If you visualize the information in a chart showing the value action of the whole year, you can offer a much better situation of how these numbers can be generated.   

The price measure is not only rarely symmetrical or always balanced. It is significant for a stockholder to distinguish which number was most recently used and was the low or the high one. Usually, there are investors who undertake the number that is closest to the current price.

The existing price is usually the most current one. But it is not the only case that always occurs. If you do not know the precise information, you can make costly decisions that are not good for your investment.

Make your comparison table

You can easily compare the 52-week Range by noting down the low prices and the high prices. Then you will need to compare them all. As a result, you will get a large depiction of the value data over the past year.

You will virtually collect the low data points and high data ideas for a 52-week range by making up the whole data. You can set the values on the market lines and then continue the calculations.

If there is a term that seems in indicating a temporary downward, then you will need to move ahead.

What do technical analysts do?

The Range of the similar stock that overlaps seems in implying that any rising move will follow at least in a very small time. You can see both trends being played out as they are expected. When it comes to the technical analysts. They compare the stock’s present trading value and its recent trend to the 52-week Range for a comprehensive sense.

The broad sense works on how will the stock perform relative to the previous 1 year, or you may say twelve months. Moreover, these analysts also look at how far the prices of the stocks have fluctuated. In addition, they also figure out whether these fluctuations will continue to increase or not. If not, then what should be done?

Potential Future Range

You can figure out the information about both low and high data points. This information will tell about the potential upcoming Range of the stock. Moreover, it also tells how unpredictable its value will be. But do you know what is essential over here? The tendency and the relative strength training can help the analyst or the trader in understanding the setting of the data points.

Sites for 52 Week range

There are many financial websites on which the share price of the stock is shared. Similarly, they also share a 52-week collection. There are many sites that allow investors in scanning for the stocks trading in their 1 year or 12 months. The popular sites include:

  • Finviz.com
  • StockCharts.com
  • Yahoo Finance

As an investor, you can scan for low or high tradings through these sites.

Current Price Comparative with 52-Week Range

There are many ways to calculate stock trading. But if you want to calculate exactly where the stock is trading as it relates to 52-week low and high, you may consider the example given below:

For example, the stocks were traded as high over the previous year. And at that moment, they raised to $100. Then they were also traded as short as almost $50. And currently, they are at almost $70. There are easy ways of calculating in this case.

You can say that the trading is 30% below the 52-week great. The formula is simple. 70/100 and then 1-(answer0. Here the answer is 0.3, or you can say 30%. And when you say that it is 40% above the 52-week low, it means the formula is 70/50. And then (answer)-1. It will be equal to 40% or 0.40.

These controls help in taking the change between high or low prices and the present price of the stocks for the last twelve months. Then you can convert them into proportions.

52-Week Range Trading Plans

When do investors buy the stocks? Well, they buy the stock once it is trading above the Range of 52-week. Moreover, they open the little position when the stocks are below it. Even there are some traders that put the stop-limit instruction that is somewhat overhead or even underneath the 52-week trade. It helps to hook the preliminary breakout.

The prices are often used to retrace back the breakout near before they resume the trend. So, the traders that are interested in taking the most conservative approach will pause for a retracement beforehand they enter the market for avoiding the chasing breakout.

The volume also steadily increases when the price of the stock is high

The prices of securities, commodities, and stocks fluctuate frequently. These result in recording the lowest or the highest figures at different points of time in any market. The figure or the amount that you record as the highest or lowest price of the bond, security or stock over the last 52 weeks is usually known as a 52-week low or high.


It is one of the most important parameters for all investors, and it helps them in making the decisions for proper investments.

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