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Trading Affirmations

Traders across the globe practice daily trading affirmations to attain success and accelerate their chase to achieve trading goals. As you know, affirmation is actually an assertion that helps you to challenge and overcome your negative thoughts. It also motivates you and encourages you to achieve your goals. Moreover, affirmations don’t just do magic in trading, they also bring positive changes in all aspects of your life. Therefore, feed your spirit with affirmations to keep yourself motivated, encouraged, and energized.  

Trading is a world that presents challenges, setbacks, risks, and uncertainties every step of the way. Although trading seems simple, it is tough and also has psychological implications. Making a profit is all fine but losses are worrying. That said, trading is an overwhelming profession and requires you to look for trading affirmations to keep yourself high-spirited. 

So, do you want to keep yourself motivated through some inspiration? AND want to have an edge in the trading arena? Then this article is exactly for you. We are going to share with you some powerful trading affirmations to help you improve your trading. Feed your spirit with these inspiring affirmations to achieve success.

Why are trading affirmations important? 

Trading affirmations are extremely important for improving trading and get success. How so? Let us explain. 

Some traders delve into trading and financing books. They not only read but devour those books to look for the ingredients of success. But they still fail and never get the success they seek. There are some others who think that the secret to success in trading lies in finding the best trading system and strategies. The truth is, these are just illusions and don’t guarantee success. 

Always remember that it is the mindset that makes traders fail or hit success. It is the mindset that is common among successful traders. On one hand, they develop reliable trading setups and on the other hand, nourish their mindset. They master the art of reacting and that is knowing how to react in all sorts of situations. Now, how do they do it? They do it by practicing trading affirmations to overwrite negative habits and negative perceptions. 

You might consider it just a theory but believe us it isn’t a theory. Many successful traders and investors publicly state that they practice affirmations. They acknowledge the fact that trading affirmations have transformed their trading. Therefore, do yourself a favor and start practicing affirmations to improve your trading. 

The most powerful trading affirmations

1. I’ll base my trading decisions on what the market presents and not on what I wish or think.

All the successful traders listen to what the market says and don’t impose their own thinking or wish list on the market. Similarly, over-analysis of the market also leads you to trading paralysis. However, you can develop your mindset to base your trading decisions on what the market offers instead of imposing your own aspirations on the market. Always remember that your price charts are the perfect tools to listen to what the market is saying.

2. I enjoy trading and relax after placing trades.

This affirmation is among trading affirmations that help you avoid negative mindsets such as overtrading and fatigue. It puts you in a position where you start enjoying trading and get relaxed after placing trades. 

3. My mindset coupled with my trading knowledge and skills is the key to making trading profitable.

As you know, a trader’s mindset is as important as his trading knowledge and skills. Traders cannot hit success who have lots of knowledge and skills but don’t have the right mindset. Therefore, this trading affirmation reminds you every day about the importance of the right kind of mindset. Do you need mental skills to execute a perfect trading strategy or not? Of course, you need them. 

4. I fully trust my trading plan and strategy

Once you have a trading plan and a strategy that reflects your personal traits and have back-tested them, you should fully trust them. If you don’t have complete trust, it means you’ll never be able to follow them strictly. So, if you don’t follow your trading plan and strategy, that means you will deviate from them and incur losses. Therefore, take inspiration from this one of the most powerful trading affirmations to stay on track. 

5. I consistently follow my trading setup and strategies. 

As you know, trading is a kind of business and businesses cannot be successful without a proper business plan. Similarly, they cannot achieve their goals if they don’t follow their business plan. Likewise, trading success entails strictly following trading setup and strategies. Always remember that following trading setup and strategies makes your trading effective. Why so? Because you developed your trading plan and strategies by being objective and clear-headed. 

6. I am excited to keep my trading journal as it enhances my confidence and makes me a great trader.

Everyone knows the importance of keeping a trading journal. It is a tool that enables you to track your trading performance and also makes you learn from your previous decisions. So, this assertion is among trading affirmations that also lead you to improvement. 

7. Think and trade like a true professional

Fake it till you make it mentality and a positive mindset are prerequisites to taste the fruit of success. Don’t underestimate your trading skills, knowledge, plan, and strategy. Always think and trade like a true professional. It is imperative to believe in your heart that you will eventually become a highly profitable trading professional. As your mind directs your action, develop your mind to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Once your mind is in control, it will automatically direct your actions and behaviors to make you a profitable professional trader.

8. I always consider proper risk management before considering profit.

As you know, trading isn’t about making a few profitable trades. It is a long journey and you need to stay in the game for a long time. But how will you stay in the game if you don’t protect your capital? So, protection of your capital is important and for that, you need proper risk management. Proper risk management involves risking money that you can afford to lose, accepting small losses, preventing losses from growing, and so on. Simply put, always keep this trading affirmation in mind to do the right thing and stay in the game for a long time.

9. I always use a stop-loss order to limit losses and protect my capital

Stop-loss orders are perfect tools to help you limit your losses in case of trades going against you. Setting stop-loss means you are accepting small losses instead of letting them devour your capital. This is the smartest way to preserve your capital. Always remember that all successful traders use stop-losses to get out of losing trades as soon as possible. In fact, using stop-losses is equal to staying in the game for a long time. 

10. I always keep in mind that financial markets are all about probability, not a certainty

Most traders make a series of winning trades and become overconfident. Their overconfidence makes them believe that every trade will be profitable. However, this is the wrong perception as there is no 100% win rate in trading. Financial markets are all about probability and not certainty. No one can claim to make 100% winning trades, not even the most successful traders. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself reminded that you will not be successful every time. It will enable you to stay confident and not overconfident. As a result, you will never risk too much or trade too much and will stay in the game for a long time. 

11. I always wait for the right opportunity

Financial markets are rivers of opportunities and never stop presenting good opportunities. If one opportunity is missed, another will come your way. Therefore, it is important to wait for the right opportunity. Always remember that quality is better than quantity. That means the search for quality trades instead of making more trades. Moreover, never let yourself be disheartened because of a missed opportunity as the market never stops presenting opportunities. Simply put, always go for good trades and never take bad trades.

12. I take profit when it is there

According to a popular maxim, “greed is a curse”. Moreover, the trading arena is full of uncertainties and you never know what may bring the next moment. Therefore, it is important to be content with what the market offers you. Being greedy and aspiring for more profit may make you lose what you have. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get out of the trade early and miss out on more potential profit. Instead, it is prudent to set realistic profit targets and take them as soon as they are met. 

13. I always keep my emotions at bay

It is true that emotions are an important aspect of human beings. However, emotions in trading are as dangerous as making wrong decisions. All successful traders keep their emotions at bay and that’s why they are able to make rational decisions. Therefore, take inspiration from this one of the top trading aspirations to make rational decisions. 

14. I always disregard other people’s beliefs, noise, and news events

Outside market noise and news events make most traders complicate things. They make them indulge in over-analysis, waste time and energy, and eventually miss out on a good opportunity. Conversely, always try to be a trend follower who follows price action and tries to trade with the market trends. By doing so, you don’t need to pay attention to outside noise and news events. Such fundamentals are just distractions that bring losses far more than often. 

15. I don’t follow the herd

Following the herd is common among traders and is the worst thing one does as a trader. Following herd mentality causes substantial losses for traders. Essentially, novices and amateur traders aren’t often good at conducting research and technical analyses. Instead, they rely on others and start following the herd. As a result, they end up losing a significant amount of their capital. For example, don’t be like traders entering an uptrend that is about to hit the correction and will soon reverse. So, what will happen? Losses! Therefore, always do your own homework and let your research lead your way. Following the herd isn’t going to do good. Always keep in mind that trend is your friend. Follow this dictum just like all successful traders. They trade with the trend and always get in or out of a trade on time. Conversely, novices stay in the trade when the smart money gets out of it. Simply put, take this trading affirmation as a guide, and don’t ever follow the herd. Conversely, forge your own way to get in or out of a trade to be profitable.

16. I don’t expect rationality from the financial markets

Most traders, especially inexperienced and novices, expect rationality from financial markets. They want them to behave in a rational and logical manner. In fact, they demand rationality from an irrational world. Why so? Because the actions of millions of traders and investors move financial markets. These buyers and sellers determine the supply and demand. Additionally, there are news events and other factors that also play a huge part in determining market trends. Even the events expected to happen in the future get priced at the prices of financial instruments. That’s why markets don’t behave in a rational manner. And that’s why it is best not to expect rationality from financial markets. The fact is even the masters of the art give financial markets the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, go with the market and listen to it instead of imposing rationality.

17. I am always patient and disciplined

Trading is a profession that demands a lot of patience and discipline. Trading practices like strictly following your trading strategies, waiting for the right opportunities, entering and exiting trades, and so on all require patience and discipline. In fact, these are highly rewarding virtues in the trading profession. Therefore, take inspiration from this one of the most powerful trading affirmations and be a patient and disciplined trader.

18. I enjoy learning and enhancing my trading skills

As you know, knowledge is power. Similarly, enhancing your trading skills means getting more powerful in the trading arena. Therefore, invest in your learning and enhance your trading skills. It is a very simple fact that more knowledge and better skills bring more control over your trading. AND more control over your trading means making better trades and that eventually brings more profitability. Therefore, always keep learning and investing in your skills. Moreover, always keep yourself open to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. Learning from your mistakes should also be the main part of your learning curve.

19. I always consider myself fully accountable for my decisions

As you know, it is only you who is and should be accountable for your trading decisions. It is only you who is forging his/her own way right from the beginning to the end. For example, if you enter a trade by ignoring your trading strategy and lose money, it is only you to blame. In fact, making trades outside your trading strategy and making money is still the wrong way. Why so? Because you subconsciously communicate to your mind that deviation from your trading setup is all fine. That may become a habit and therefore, can be dangerous for your hard-earned money. Therefore, always evaluate your actions and trading decisions to hold yourself accountable for what you do. This is among the trading affirmations that never let you astray. 

20. I always enjoy the fun and freedom that accompany professional trading

Finally, it is important to enjoy the fun and freedom that accompany professional trading. Professional trading means making a profit consistently and that brings abundance and prosperity. So, enjoy the fruits of being a professional trader and enjoy the fun and freedom. After all, this is what you want from being a trader. 

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