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You want to write a guest post for us? We welcome articles from experts willing to share their insights and knowledge with our audience.

Before to go into the guest post topic, let me share a bit about our context so you can know us better.
Everyday at PatternsWizard, we wake up with one obsession:

We make sure to consistently bring the best to our users

We at PatternsWizard are here to radically upgrade how independant traders view and interact with financial markets. Our goal is to equip every trader with all the best tools and knowledge available so they can stack the odds of success in their favor.

All the content on our website has this focus in mind when we produce and publish it.

We don’t know everything and we love and welcome insights and content from trustable experts.
We love to discover and share different points of view, writing styles and different topics.
Changing the world is a big long-term challenge so we really value building lasting relationships.
Maybe we will even share a coffee someday 😉.

You feel like you are a good match and want to write for us?
Good news! Guest posts & posters are wanted!
Read below to learn more about our contributing writer guideline and (simple) process so you can efficiently submit your guest content.

Our guest posting & contributors guidelines

We look for and welcome high quality guest posts and sponsored content.
To ensure all our content match our expected level of quality, here are a few guidelines & requirements

  • Topic related: Your guest article should about trading related topics. As you may see on the site, we are heavily technical analysis related but we are very open to trading, fundamental analysis, market related topics, events, the financial industry or else. Articles can be target to beginners or more advanced trading.
  • Original: The submited article has to be unique. No part of the content and illustrations should have been published anywhere else before.
  • High quality and actionnable: The article has to be of high quality. When traders read it, it should feel like the learnt something. At the end, it should make readers feel like they now clearly know what to do next. If you need any guidance to write a compeling article, you may find additionnal information with this article.
  • Content rich: Articles should not be promotional content.
  • Great length: Your article should be 800 words minimum and there is no maximum. The length is up to you so you can cover your topic in the more complete and engaging way for our audience.
  • Link: We only link to trusted websites (sufficient traffic and authority). We allow only one link in each article. Every link should be context relevant and bring value to our readers.

We reserve the right to edit and publish or not your article if necessary and edit or unpublish it at any time after that.
The opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and not of nor his owners.
These guidelines can change any time to time without early notice. By submitting an article, you agree to this guidelines and understand they can be updated with no prior notice.

You check all the boxes?
Become a guest blogger for us and submit an article today!

Do you want to contribute to our site?

We would love to hear from you!
To become a guest author, a guest writer or a guest contributor, our process is very simple:

  1. Make sure you match our requirements (see the guidelines above)
  2. Pitch us your guest article / guest post / content idea directly within our contact form. Make sure to include:
    1. Your name and website
    2. Your email so we can reach back to you
    3. As much detail about the content you want to share with us. Obviously, it’s best if you already have a suggested title, article content and illustrations but it’s not mandatory.

When we receive your request, we will come back to you ASAP to discuss your guest post.

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