The 55 Best Trading Resources: Roadmap detailled


Acheiving profitability with trading is a complex endeavor.
It requires aspiring (and successful) traders to acquire and master multiple very different skills.
What should you start with?
What are the best trading resources you should have?

That’s what the Roadmap for Successful Trading is all about!

The full roadmap image is available for download but make sure to come back to this page periodically so you can get the roadmap updated to its last ultimate version.
Click on the thumbnail to get the full size Roadmap:

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In addition to the overall roadmap, here are the best curated resources for each step on the roadmap.
Also, feel free to send us your best trading resources with they are missing from our list (you can do it simply by using our contact form).

30 day trading transformation

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πŸ‘“ Clarify your purpose & vision

βš–οΈ Understand the markets

πŸ“¦ Understand your securities / assets

🧭 Setup your trading strategy

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Fundamental analysis

Technical analysis



πŸ“‰ Apply money & risk management

πŸ—ΊοΈ Define your trading plan

🧰 Choose your broker & tools

Selecting your broker

Trading websites & tools you should know

βͺ Backtest your trading strategy

⏩ Forward test your trading strategy

🧘 Practice self-control & manage your emotions

πŸ“‹ Log your trading journey in your journal

  • Why You Should Keep a Trading Journal:
  • Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Trading Journal:
  • Trading Journal: What it is and How to Create One:
  • 5 Best Trading Journals and How to Journal Successfully:

πŸ”₯ Go live!

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Scale your trading

Your trading system seems promising?
Now is time to scale up and make sure everything remains in place.
Your journal and focus will help!

Keep learning after these studying these best trading resources and practice!

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